Lincoln Park serves Mazzerati Music second straight loss, 67-59

The stars showed up Inside The Gates Wednesday night, two players from the Goodman 20 list and a former NBA All-Star were all apart of a great game. Lincoln Park captured their 2nd win of the season while defeating Mazzeratti Music 67-59, who is now 0-2 in their first season apart of the Goodman League. 

Lincoln Park was led by Dele Ojo - a Goodman 20 member - who finished with 26 points, 17 of which coming in the second half, along with a few steals. 

“I know one thing, I’m going to take [an] ice bath after this game,” Ojo said. “I love physical play, little extra curricular stuff but it’s all apart of the game. All that did was wake us up. We had the lead then gave up the lead, but we pulled through at the end.” 

Lincoln Park started the game with 22-12 lead at the 8 minute mark, killing Mazzeratti Music with classic Lincoln Park defense. Last year’s defensive player of the year, Bruce Massey, also played a big role in LP’s early start, finishing the game with 15 points. 

Massey missed the final game of the season last year, Lincoln Park ended up losing to Backyard Band who had Josh Selby, missing his defensive presence and scoring in the backcourt. Massey at the end of tonight’s game looked towards Commissioner Miles and yelling “I’m not going home this summer!”

Lincoln Park returns with their main guys such as Bruce Massey, Super Coop, and Pierre. Baby Shaq will miss the first month due to his Ball Up Obligations, currently on an Australian Tour. Once he returns, Lincoln Park will be one of the best teams once again. 

“Towards the end of the playoffs, [other teams] fly people, but we still do what we do.” Ojo said. 

Mazzerati Music was coached by Goodman Legend, Greg Jones aka “Tha Wizard” while owner Steve Francis helped out. While he arrived late to the game, a spectator walked the sideline as if he was the coach of Mazzeratti Music, when G-Wiz arrived, he let the fan know “I’m the only cook in my kitchen.” 

“It’s a little different coaching the adults, you gotta let them play,” (also coaches 13U DC Top Flight). “They just gotta share the ball and don’t let Miles hype them up about getting their name called” 

Mazzeratti Music finished the first half with 13-7 run led by Tate. In the second half they would eventually take the lead 41-35 at the 13 minute mark, starting the half with a 16-6 run. Dez played big, converting a couple And-1s, finishing with 17 points. Commissioner Miles informed Dez that he will have to pick a team, more information will follow. 

While they are 0-2, Mazzeratti Music is no slouch. They have a very good guard play and solid big men. Tate led them in scoring with 17, 15 of which coming in the first half. He took it to Ojo but experience was the victor in the second half. It will be interesting to see how they grow and fare out for the rest of the season. 

Steve Francis noted that they have a few “wild-cards” on call just in case their current roster doesn’t pan out well but for now they won’t fly them in. When I asked Steve Francis about whether or not he would suit up, Greg Jones answered swiftly, “That’s negative.”