Will Barton partners with top Pro-AM League in Baltimore

The summer of 2017 will be epic in the city of Baltimore. Denver Nuggets shooting guard and Baltimore native announced that he is partnering with the Brunson League, Baltimore's top Pro-Am league. This announcement comes at the perfect time with the death of Devin Colston, one of the league's shining stars, who was tragically killed Friday morning. Colston was the league's leading scorer and led his LND team to a Brunson League title, also named the tournament MVP. 

"I didn't want to announce it until January," said Sean Brunson, the founder of the Brunson League. "Since we just had such negative news shatter the basketball community [Friday], I wanted to announce something positive to start piecing it back together." 

Brunson also confirmed that the deal with Barton has been in place since August. 

The Brunson was created in 2013 and has been a hotspot for some of the best hoopers in Baltimore. A lot of the ball players are former high school stars and most were either playing college or professionally ball. The competition was stiff, intense, and mirrored Baltimore's brand of basketball perfectly. Baltimore has not had a great summer league in place for over a decade, despite having a long list of ballplayers and world renown courts such as Cloverdale, The Melo Center, and The DOME (former home of Baltimore's Midnight Madness). 

Adding Will Barton to the brand will bring that star power that propels Summer Leagues to the next level. Barton was highly-touted when he came out of Lake Clifton High School and has since been an ambassador for Baltimore basketball. Barton's name will give The Brunson a stamp that will entice other big name players to visit Baltimore and play in The Brunson.