CrimeStopper Joins Hoop Culture Inside The Gates

“Is that the kid that [was] stopping all the crime up in Baltimore?” one Goodman fan asked Commissioner Miles during our weekly interview.

That kid he was speaking of was the one and only Aquille Carr aka “Crimestopper”

Quille put on a show “Inside The Gates” Sunday Night, helping Hoop Culture win their final game of the regular season, defeating the Roc Boys 89-75 in a very entertaining Sunday Night Showdown.

“Representing Baltimore drive me ten-times harder than anybody from any other city” Aquille said. “I come from the bottom so I have no where else to go but to the top.”

It was nice seeing Quille back on the court. The last time I was able to watch the Crimestopper was back in 2013 when he playing for Princeton Day Academy. Since then, Aquille has made a few trips overseas playing in different leagues, most recently playing in Canada. He also mentioned that he will visit with the Houston Rockets next week.

Aquille scored 17 points with a couple impressive alley-oop dimes to Derrick Cook. Cook finished with 14 points, majority of which came from above the rim. Cook will be traveling to Greece to play ball this upcoming season.

White Chocolate led Hoop Culture with 21 points, showing off his range, knocking down a couple of trey balls. I have to give thanks and appreciation to the lovely ladies at the scorers table who always make sure I get the right stats.

Even though the score might show a blowout, this game was back-n-forth. It wasn't until the last two minutes of the first half that Hoop Culture began to pull away. Roc Boys had two players with 20+, DeAngelo with 24 and Tic with 22. DeAngelo was matched up with Quille for majority of the game, the two speedy guards went bucket-for-bucket in the first half.

Lo scored 18 points in the first half, 9 of which coming from behind the arc.

Team 41 and A-Team played in the first game of the day, Team 41 walking away with the victory 43-39. Bishop McNamera guard, Jamir Moultrie, led all scorers with 18 points, 11 of which came in the second half.

With the playoffs approaching, this was a good win for Hoop Culture who was without the Goodman veteran, D-Nice. Next Sunday will be the first day of the playoffs, which will be single elimination. As commissioner Miles would say, “Stay tuned!!”