Controversy Inside Da Gates

Anytime a title is on the line, controversy is definitely going to be in attendance. 

With less than a minute remaining, Commissioner Miles made the referees reverse their 8-second call on the BF Crazies which would have given Team Madness the ball back, down 4. 

Instead Commissioner Miles announced that the Crazies keep possession of the ball but had 1 second to get the ball across court. Team Madness couldn't believe it. 

Commissioner Miles said that he changed the call because, one, the clock only showed 5-seconds had come off, and 2, he was protecting his referees. I think you also have to throw some home-cooking in there also. 

None the less, the Crazies did what they had to do to win the game, 89-83 forcing a game-3. The Crazies controlled the tempo of the game, building a 40-55 lead at half time. 

Selby finished with 29 points while Gary Jr. and Malcom combined for 22 points. Olu was the x-factor for the Crazies, scoring 13 points, 10 of which came in the first half. The Crazies were much more aggressive but also controlled. They didn't look like the inexperienced team like in Game 1. 

Madness, on the other hand, just couldn't find the same rhythm they had in Game 1. Chris Howard went to the line 18 times but missed 7 free ones . He scored 19 points but I would say he is struggling so far this series, which I think is due to him being fatigue. Chris has played a lot of basketball this summer at a high level and I think it is finally catching up to him. 

If it wasn't for Opy in the paint, grabbing boards and hitting bank-shot free throws, the Crazies could have walked away with this one. 

After two games the refs have been have been the story of the finals, and pretty much the entire season. The 8-second call, in my opinion, was the right call, just not by the right ref, also the clock didn't start on time, something the refs were supposed to acknowledge. So many "What ifs" can be said about that play, but at the end of the day, once the ref make the call, it should stand - unless the commissioner says otherwise. 

Like I said though, with all great games and titles, comes controversy. A deciding game 3 will determine who walks out The Gates as the 2015 Goodman League Champion. Stay Tuned!!