BF Crazies and Team Madness advance to the Finals

Washington D.C –- After a great Final Four Sunday, the Goodman League Finals is officially set.

The BF Crazies and Team Madness will play in a best of 3 series to determine who will be the 2015 Goodman League Champion. Both squads were in a dogfight Sunday Night. The Crazies defeated FunkHouse 56-50 in the early game – definitely should have been the prime time game – while Madness defeated the veteran Backyard squad 50-48.

Crazies and FunkHouse was more than just a basketball game, it was a battle between two southeast DC neighborhoods. The Crazies were the home team, representing Barry Farms, while FunkHouse had the entire Congress Park on the sideline with them.

The atmosphere was amazing. Not many players would have been able to handle the heavy trash talking that was going on from both sides, but Josh Selby thrived in it, playing for the BF Crazies.

Selby traded squads, leaving Backyard after their first win over Lincoln Park. Selby scored 16 points in the first half for the Crazies, 9 of which coming from behind the arc. He even threw in a couple Jordan shoulder shrugs while looking at the FunkHouse bench.

But like I said this game was a dogfight.

FunkHouse used an 8-0 run to go up 37-29 to begin the second half. The FunkHouse defense, like always, helped start that run. Justin Black and newcomer but old vet, Sully, combined for 28 points. It look like the Piranhas of FunkHouse was going to make it to the Goodman Finals one more time but the Crazies didn't go away easy.

The Crazies went on a 10-0 run to go up 41-43 with 6:35 left in the game. Malcom was a big part of that run, converting an AND-1, a trey ball, and a block shot. For the remainder of the half, both teams traded buckets until the final minute, which turned into a free throw contest.

Madness and Backyard started with some controversy. Commissioner Miles not allowing Jimmy Black Jr. to suit up with Backyard because he already loss in the playoffs with GrindTime during the second round. With Black, this could have been a different game.

Madness controlled the entire 1st half, going up by as much as 11 in the first half. Madness guard, Tay, played a big part in that, scoring 16 points, 12 points from behind the arc. I was standing next to league MVP, Dele Ojo, during the game and he said that Tay was going have a big game and he was right. Tay finished with 19 points.

Madness built a large lead by running Backyard, who played earlier in the Watts Championship, walking into halftime with a 33-25 lead. Backyard didn't show signs of tiredness in the second half though, capitalizing off Madness not playing run & gun basketball. 6 minutes into the half, Backyard cut the lead to one point but they could never turn the corner, trailing by three points for the remainder of the half.

Backyard had the ball with 20 seconds left after Madness threw it away at half-court. Backyard tried to get the last shot of the game but they never got a shot off, Kolbi threw the ball away with 1.6 seconds remaining.

Madness vs. BF Crazies should result in a good series. I'm curious to see if Madness will use any “wild-cards” to join the team since the Crazies acquired Josh Selby. Wayne, formally of the ShowStoppers, did suit up for Madness but didn't have much impact. A talented player like his self is bound to have a good game, which could happen in the Finals. Game 1 is Monday Night at 8pm Inside The Gates.