Playoff Time Inside The Gates

Last month, Team Madness defeated Lincoln Park in the Ball-Up DC tournament, winning the $50,000 grand prize. Saturday Night, LP had an opportunity to get some revenge by winning the Goodman Regular Season title, but a second half surge by Madness denied that.

Madness came back from a 16-point deficit, defeating LP 76-73, thanks to a clutch go-ahead trey ball from team leader Andrew Washington aka Spongebob with 2 seconds remaining. Spongebob led all scorers with 31 points, scoring 15 points in the second half.

“We're two good teams” Spongebob said after I asked him about the chippy play. “Things are going to happen during [the] game that that make it more intense than what it gotta be”.

This game definitely had a playoff feel to it but both teams will live to see another day, single elimination now in effect for the remainder of the season.

Team Madness has officially won a title Inside the Gates, adding to their already decorated trophy case. Chris Howard also finished with 17 points.

Ojo led Lincoln Park in scoring with 19 points but only scored 4 points in the second half.

Both Madness and Lincoln Park will receive a 1st round bye, Madness holding the top-seed. I'm curious to see if either team will bring in some extra talent throughout the playoffs but neither need anymore help.

Sunday Night was the opening day of the Playoffs and it was a big crowd “Inside The Gates”.

First game of the night was between On-Point and Team 41. Both teams struggled to score points, first bucket coming 3 minutes into the first half. On-Point walked away with the victory, 42-31, advancing to the next round. Raymar led all scorers with 15 points.

The prime-time game was between Team Ariyuan, who has had their share of playoff woes, taking on the defending champs, Team All Daz. All Daz was short handed this game, only showing up with 5 players, but they played hard despite losing 41-60.

Ariyuan was led by Corey Allmond and sharpshooter Marcus Ashley, both combining for 24 points in the first half. Allmond and Ashley might be the best backcourt in the league, especially offensively. Allmond has great ability to find a shot off the crossover while Ashley has the purest jumper in the league.

I'm sure Dele Ojo and Bruce Massey has something to say about that, Massey playing in his last game of the season on Saturday. He is the leading candidate for Defensive Player of the Year.

Ariyuan looks like they have a good chance at making it to the Goodman Finals but they would have an even better chance if they had their star player and Goodman standout, Rob Lowry aka Jamaican Rob, but he will miss the rest of the season due to injury.

Ariyuan, Madness, and On-Point will wait to see who they play in the next round while Lincoln Park will make their playoff debut this week against the winner of Team Ulico and Team Taz.