Don't Take It Personal

Goodman League Friday Night was slated to have a big prime-time game between Lincoln Park and a team from New York.

That team from New York didn't know what hit them.

Lincoln Park destroyed Team NYC by 40-points, telling you the score is unnecessary. Commissioner Miles warned Team NYC that they were about to receive an “a** whooping” right before tip-off and that's exactly what it was.

The funny part about this game is before the game in the layup line, two of their players were having their own dunk show. It was impressive but it didn't amount to nothing during the game.

Lincoln Park is still undefeated and remain as one of the favorites to play in the Goodman League Championship game. Dele Ojo and Baby Shaq make them a very tough team to beat. Baby Shaq is probably the hardest player in the league to guard, while Ojo is the top candidate for this year's MVP crown.

In the first half against Team NYC, Baby Shaq only missed one shot but scored 18 points helping build Lincoln Park's 49-17 lead. Baby Shaq didn't play the second half but Ojo, Super Coup, and Pierre made sure that hefty lead didn't diminish.

I spoke with Ojo before the game and I can see why he is one the premier players in the Goodman League, and watching him on the court, its easy to see why he is the leading candidate for MVP. Ojo averages 20+ but he is not just offense. He is the prototype for a guard that plays both ends of the court. He can shoot, finish at the rim, plays the passing lanes like a cornerback but also strapped down in 1on1.

Playoffs are set to start next week and I'm not sure who will be able to beat Lincoln Park. They play good team defense, individual defense, have shooters, and dominate players. A few teams are capable of beating Lincoln Park. Drew All-Stars, Team Madness, Show Stoppers, Funkhouse and my sleeper pick Team Ariyuan are the teams I think could challenge Lincoln Park but it won't be easy.