Chris Howard Breaks KD's Record

With the playoffs only 2 weeks away, the action “Inside The Gates” has become historic.

On Friday Night, Marcus Ashton dropped 42 in a losing effort for Team Ariyuan, but on a hot sticky Sunday Night, Ashton and Ariyuan once again suffered another loss in historic fashion.

Chris Howard for Team Madness scored 28 points in the first half, breaking Kevin Durant's 27 point Goodman League record for most points in the first half. He would finish with a game-high, 38 points, leading Team Madness to a 72-59 victory.

“I just want my name to be respected”, Howard said after the game. “I made a name for myself in this area and I just want it to be remembered, and the only way to [keep] it remembered is to still keep killing”

If people don't remember the name Chris Howard after tonight, then you might have to check them for amnesia. Howard was guarded by all 5 starters for Team Ariyuan, and he gave each on of them buckets. It didn't matter if he was shooting the trey ball or with his back to the basket, setting up the fade-a-way jumper that was automatic, Howard was giving Team Ariyuan everything they wanted.

Howard played his high school ball in the DMV area, winning two state titles at Friendly High School in Fort Washington, Maryland before heading to the University of South Florida, playing all 4 years.

Ashton finished with 15 points, all from behind the arc, but went scoreless in the second half. He will be apart of the Goodman roster that will take on Dyckman League this Saturday.

Antonio led Team Ariyuan with 18 points and a couple of showtime dunks in the first half but it wasn't enough as Ariyuan loses their 2nd game in 3 days.

Team Madness, who is celebrating their 30th anniversary in street clothing is coming off a Ball-Up championship, winning $50,000 in prize money. I asked their head coach, Herman, how does it feel to win the Ball-Up tournament and all he could speak of is not winning the Goodman League championship, saying how much their “franchise” need to win it this year.

Both Ariyuan and Madness will play this upcoming week before the big game on Saturday, Ariyan taking on the Drew All-Stars on Wednesday and Madness playing FunkHouse on Thursday. Both games are scheduled for prime time.