First Day in The Gates

After a week long delay (games were played in the indoor facility on Tuesday), the Goodman League finally opened it's season on the outdoor court in front of a nice group of fans. 

I found it interesting that so many people came out to watch amateurs play while Game 2 of the NBA Finals was starting the same time as the Sunday late game between Lincoln Park and Team Ariyuan. 

Lincoln Park got out to an early start, OJO putting heaving pressure on the guards of Ariyuan. Turnovers and great guard play by OJO helped Lincoln Park build a 21-6 lead less than halfway through the first half. Baby Shaq joined the party, showing off his range with a couple deep NBA range three-pointers. The game ended early (9 minutes remaining) once fans started to leave with 15 minutes left in the 2nd half, Lincoln Park up by 20+. 

The first game was much more entertaining between the Roc Boys and Team Ullico. Roc Boys walked away with the W, holding off Ullico in late, winning by 3. 

I really enjoyed my first day Inside The Gates, mainly because of the atmosphere. Coming from Baltimore. Fan were heckling the players, especially when they made a play. Going into the league I knew that Commissioner Rawls was a great MC, but this comedic skills are very underrated. Overall it was a good Opening Day “Inside the Gates” and I expect a long entertaining season.