Slip & Slide Day

Another great night inside the gates Wednesday night, and if you was out there, you would somebody threw water on the court the way dudes were slipping and sliding all night long. Both games were entertaining, Team Taz taking on A-Team in game 1, and Funkhouse taking on Hoop Culture in the prime-time game. 

A-Team defeated team Taz, 54-41, both playing in their season opener. A-Team didn't waste no time with Taz getting out to an early lead, going into halftime up 30-18. Taz didn't have a bad game, they just couldn't get shots to drop, reason why it was an uphill battle for them the entire game. Jojo and Donald did there thing in the backcourt with some nice handles, Donald making Tay of Team Taz touch the earth in the second half, but Ra-Ra lead the A-Team in scoring with 20 points, 12 of which coming in the first half. 

Funkhouse and Hoop Culture gave the fans a good one, both teams going back n forth in the first half. Funkhouse got the W, 84-68, mainly because of their stingy defense. Commissioner Rawls calls them the piranhas and I see why, forcing many turnovers off trapping and heavy pressure. Even though they are known for their defense, one of their players was also put on the canvas by a simple behind the back move from streetball veteran White Chocolate. 

Pig was the victim and it was so bad to the point he walked off the court to see himself on camera get dropped. He owned up to it while fans let him have it, but he noted that he will get White Chocolate back, so be on the lookout for that next time these two play. 

Justin was the leading scorer for the day, dropping 21 points, many of which came on fast breaks after turnovers.

Even though they loss, I like this hoop culture team, they got some dribbling machines with White Chocolate and D-Nice aka “The Drummer” in the backcourt, but also a good strong inside presence with Jamal. 

2nd Day in the gates couldn't have been better for us. Two people were exploited on camera not to mention we got love in a hood 50 miles away from home. It's going to be a good summer. 

Kendall HiltonComment