Inside the Gates

The League started in 1975, as the Berry Farms community basketball league, but was changed to the George Goodman League in 2000 to honor Berry Farms resident and community leader, George Goodman, who was murdered in 1984. Rawls, who is the MC of of the summer for the League, has been the ringleader since 1997. 

Rawls has grown the league to what it has become now, born and raised in  the rough Berry Farms area. Rawls, wittiness on the mic attracts fans from all over to come out and watch premier streetball. He has the god given ability to come up with the best nicknames for players, but he makes it known, “Nicknames are earned, not given” 

It's not rare to see NBA talent “Inside The Gates”. Kevin Durant has said that he uses the Goodman League as a tool to get ready for the NBA Season. KD has been playing at the Goodman since he was a teenager. Rawls has claimed Durant to be a "Goodman League Junkie"  because he comes back to play every summer. Watch KD drop a Goodman League record, 62 points, in a back-n-forth battle with West Baltimore representer Gerald Brown, aka "P.Shitty", who dropped 40.

Unlike the Rucker or Drew League, NBA stars don't get special treatment from the refs, fouls are limited. Still some of the top stars come back every year to play once, twice, or for the whole summer. Some notable NBA Talent that has played Inside The Gates, include, Tywon Lawson, Gilbert Arenas, Michael Beasly, Nick Young, Bradley Beal, and Brandon Jennings. 

Games are free to public all summer long. With the league taking place in one of the roughest areas in not only DC, but the country, the league serves as a community jewel where locals can go to escape the daily problems that are outside of the gate. Fans line up the sidelines with lawn chairs while some sections are called "season ticket holders", "Lane Mob", and "9-5 Crew".

I'm very excited to work inside the gates where it's all about basketball. Fan-i Sports will do their best to give you the best coverage with videos, photos, and articles from the games this summer. We're not sure which stars will show up this summer but I'm sure it will be a few. None the less, make sure you rock with us all Summer, to get a feel for inside the Gates. Opening Day will be June 1st.