Stat Predictions for Top Players from the NFL Draft

Jared Goff - Prediction: 3,350 yards 22 TD’s 10 INT’s

Jared Goff should have a decent season under center for the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams, but I assure that it won’t be anything groundbreaking. The Rams will have to rely heavily on a strong rushing attack and Goff will see limited opportunities to take over the game by himself. The Rams’ mediocre receiving core shouldn’t help out Goff in his rookie year either. I expect a decent season from Goff, but until the Rams can find a true No 1 receiver for Goff to throw to, then I don’t see him putting up the stats that we all think he will. Seeing as Goff is known for his football IQ and decision-making, I think that his TD-INT ratio will be better than most rookie quarterbacks that we’ve ever seen. 

Carson Wentz – 4,000 yards 20 TD’s 18 INT’s

Wentz will benefit from an improved group of wide receivers spearheaded by Jordan Matthews, whom I expect to easily surpass 1,000 yards this season. I could see Wentz getting to that 4,000-yard mark if Matthews can emerge as a top receiver in this league, which he is on track to do. Wentz comes into this league as one of the biggest risks after only starting two years at NDSU; however, I think he will see plenty of opportunities to quickly adjust, as Ryan Mathews still has to establish himself as a dependable No 1 back. Until he does that, which may be after Wentz becomes the star that he is expected to be, the Eagles won’t be afraid to let Wentz air it out and create opportunities to help him grow. Of course, Wentz will have a fair share of adjusting to do, as jumping from the FCS level to the NFL isn’t an easy transition, so I see him having trouble with interceptions next season as he adjusts to the speed of the NFL. 

Joey Bosa – 45 TKL 7.5 SCK 3 FF

It will be interesting to see how Joey Bosa fits into the Chargers 3-4 defense. He will either have to be an undersized defensive end or an oversized outside linebacker. The Chargers currently have him slotted as their starting defensive end, which I believe is where he fits best. Bosa strength is obviously rushing the passer, and putting him out in coverage wouldn’t maximize his skill set. Overall, I see Bosa having a steady rookie season. Seeing that Bosa is probably the Chargers only big-time threat on their front-seven (save for Melvin Ingram), he should see plenty of attention from blockers, which will significantly lower his stats. Expect Bosa to be similar to Khalil Mack in his first season, not in the way that he played, but by the fact that he didn’t put up groundbreaking stats but still was very disruptive. 

Ezekiel Elliott – 285 Carries 1,230 Yards 9 TD’s

The Ezekiel Elliott hype train is real, and the world seems to be divided on how he will do in his rookie season. Some, me included, say that he will surpass 1,200 yards. Some even say more than 1,300 yards, but I’m not that crazy! On the flipside, people complain as to why fans are treating him like he’s the next Emmitt Smith. I’m going to answer that question right now: Because he is. Ezekiel Elliott is one of the most talented backs we have ever seen come out of college, although that will surely change after the handful of talented back in the 2017 Draft Class get drafted. Not only will Elliott succeed in his rookie season due to his talent, but he will also have success as one of the best offensive lines in the league creates massive holes for him. It seems pretty obvious to me why people think that Elliott will do well immediately, and others just seem too scared to admit that a rookie running back will be able to take the NFL by storm like this. 

Sterling Shepard – 65 Receptions 850 Yards 6 TD’s

It seems like Sterling Shepard didn’t receive a whole lot of hype for his rookie season until after he was drafted, which is a rare thing that happens. After being drafted by the Giants, fans and analysts alike started to ponder whether the G-Men had found another Odell Beckham in the second-round pick from Oklahoma. Shepard is a lot like his fellow wideout: He’s speedy, a good route-runner, and has reliable hands. Obviously, assuming Shepard is as talented as OBJ, both of them can’t put up superstar statistics, and Shepard will certainly take a backseat to New York’s new face of sports. I’m not saying Shepard will be Odell, and as a matter of fact, I think that all of this hype around the new Giants wide receiver is unjustified, but with Odell receiving all of the attention, it will be easier for the Oklahoma product to produce more, which is why I have him posting decent statistics for his rookie season. 

Myles Jack – 110 TKL 3 INT’s 2 SCK

I think that I’m in love with the defense that Jacksonville has built. The amount of young talent on that roster is something worth watching this season, and Myles Jack is one of the biggest names on that team. Jack fell to the second round after it was revealed that he might need microfracture surgery on his knee, and the Jaguars were lucky enough to scoop him up along with the top defensive player in the entire draft, Jalen Ramsey. Myles Jack and Telvin Smith will form the best young duo of outside linebackers that this league has to offer. Just as Telvin Smith stuffed the stat sheet last year, Jack will do the same. Myles Jack will easily surpass 100 tackles in my mind. His strength and instincts will take him far in this league, even if his knee will most likely shorten his career. Expect huge things from Jack in Year One, and as a result, expect a vastly improved Jaguars defense. 

Laquon Treadwell – 68 Receptions 925 Yards 12 TD’s

Treadwell may not be the speediest wideout in this draft class, but his ability to high-point the ball and out-muscle corners is what will take him far in this league and it is the reason why he was drafted in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. It was a perfect “need” pick for the Minnesota Vikings, and Treadwell should give them a good red-zone target for years to come. That is the reason why I predicted the twelve touchdown receptions for Treadwell. Outside of Stefon Diggs, the Vikings don’t have a proven target, and they don’t have a proven target in the redzone at all. Treadwell will fill that void for the Vikings and hopefully provide Teddy Bridgewater with a reliable target for the coming years.