LA Rams Super Bowl 53 Champs?

Yes, that’s right! The team that hasn’t had a winning record since 2003 will be contender for the Lombardi Trophy in at most three years. The Rams have been known for their young and talented defense for the past few years, but that quarterback position has been a revolving door. Football fans know that only a handful of teams in NFL history have won Super Bowls with average quarterbacks, so the Rams better not get used to the likes of Nick Foles, Case Keenum, and Sean Mannion under center if they want to win. If you watch the Rams now, you may think that I’m crazy, but in three years, this team will be competing for the Lombardi Trophy. 

1: Finding a new Quarterback

The Rams have a real problem, well actually three of them if you count the other two Quarterbacks. The Rams really haven’t had a stable situation at the position since Marc Bulger was lining up under center, which was almost ten years ago. Sam Bradford was an overall bust but he had a couple decent seasons with the Rams.  

It’s time for the Rams to stop avoiding the obvious and draft a new quarterback in the first round of the NFL Draft. At pick number fifteen, NDSU QB Carson Wentz, who has been receiving a great deal of hype, could fall to them or they could take the 6’7” Paxton Lynch from Memphis. Both of these prospects are considered first round talents and could easily fix the problem of the Rams passing attack. I know that the Rams taking Greg Robinson and Todd Gurley in the last two drafts may be indicative that they want to go for a heavy ground attack, but as I said before, think back to the last time a team won a Super Bowl without a good QB. 

2: Look at Recent History

The Rams defense is headlined with big names like Aaron Donald, Robert Quinn, and James Laurinaitis. Their secondary is also very talented as well, with young players like Janoris Jenkins, EJ Gaines, Trumaine Johnson, and Mark Barron. A look at recent history will tell you that the trend in today’s NFL is winning with great defense. Look at the last four Super Bowl Champions. The Ravens had Ray Lewis, a still dominant Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Haloti Ngata. The Seahawks, of course, had one of the best defenses of all time. The Patriots had Revis, McCourty, and a stacked front-seven. and, most recently, the Broncos beat the Panthers with their number one ranked defense.

The Rams have a young core on defense that will continue to improve. In three years, when the Rams will have an experienced and talented defense, plus a strong QB if they follow my last point, they will see the same success that the last four winners have seen. 

3: The Attraction of a Big Market

With a big city comes more money and more worth. Why do you think that they Lakers are the most valuable NBA franchise and the Dodgers are the second-most valuable MLB franchise? Soon, the LA Rams will be up on the list for most valuable NFL franchise. Free Agents want to play for a team in a big market for obvious reasons: They can get paid more, they can get more time on TV, and they want to live in a great city.

Imagine that you are one of the best NFL Players in the league (we all do that just about every night!), and you’re a free agent and you have an offer from Jacksonville and an offer from the Los Angeles Rams. Obviously LA would have more money to spend on you, but for purposes of this experiment, let’s just pretend that they give you identical offers. Where would you choose? The Rams seems like the obvious choice due to the location and the media exposure, and it’s right choice too, it’s just that obvious.

Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in the world, so having an NFL team there without a doubt will attract free agents and give the Rams a leg up in free agent battles with other teams. Just how the Lakers seem rumored to be in discussions with every free agent, the Rams will be in those same discussions. With more talent potentially added, the Rams will only increase their chances of making it to the Super Bowl.

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