Why The NFL Suck

The NFL have been going through a TV rating crisis this season and their executives can't pinpoint the exact reason why. It′s not surprising to see NFL top execs be clueless, being as though they′ve been clueless about everything else for the last ten years.

This is a problem they created, though. The NFL has watered down the game of football to the point that fans are no longer interested in tuning in. This is an issue that they created, and when I say they, I am mainly speaking of Rodger Goodell. Since Goodell became commissioner in 2006, his goal has been to become a stringent dictator in a league full of young rich black men. So to help Goodell and the rest of the NFL front office understand why they are losing viewers here is a short list of the reasons why the NFL suck.

It′s not Kaepernick

Some outlets have tried to blame Colin Kaepernick and other players that have practiced their right to kneel during the national anthem, for the decrease in viewership. While there are many people that are angry, the only way they can see Kaep′s protest is on social media or to actually attend the game because the national anthem is not televised. The only time the anthems are televised is during nationally televised games such as Monday Night and Sunday Night football. And if a two-minute kneel can stop a person from watching a 60-minute football game, then they were never a fan of the sport.

Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football has been one of the worse moves the NFL has made in the last ten years. Not only are they putting players at risk by making them play four days after a game on Sunday, but it′s an overkill for fans. Mark Cuban made a great point about the NFL imploding because of their greed, trying to dominate every night of the television. According to a Forbes article, TNF saw a 20% drop when the Cardinals beat the Niners 33-21. Was it because of Kaep′s ″un-American″ act? Doubt it.

It′s a Woman′s game now

I don′t blame the NFL for wanting to build their women audience. Women are football fans just like men, plus they have little boys that the NFL would like to use as a future product, I mean player. In the process of making the game more woman-friendly, they′ve destroyed what made the game great; hitting. In an attempt to make the game safer – but also protect themselves from future lawsuits – they instituted new rules that in theory, does protect the players. But when you watch the game and see a nice hit be penalized, it generates displeasure. The NFL wants to make the game look safe but in reality, they′re still lying to the public and women.

It′s a business

The NFL is a business. Their job isn′t to make sure that game of football is still pure and fun. Their job is to make sure the funds are being generated. While it is nothing wrong with that, NFL officials and owners forget that fans are not watching because they are making  good executive decisions that resemble corporate America. Fans love football, not the business of football. Going to a football game is almost like planning a family vacation, price wise. Long gone are the days where middle-class families were season ticket holders. Unless you have a nice bank account, football might be too expensive for you.

No Connection with the Fans

The NFL don′t know what their fans actually want, and they proved that when they prohibited teams from posting highlights on social media during games. This was the just a knee-jerk reaction to the bad ratings, thinking that this will entice fans to actually watch the games instead of looking for highlights on social media. What the NFL forgot is social media helps brings brand awareness. If teams and media outlets are flooding the feeds with the biggest plays, that could make fans want to tune in. If you look at other leagues on Social Media, they post highlights throughout the game. For some reason, the NFL doesn′t think that will help their brand.

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