Michael's 2015 Warriors

Weekend Warriors is an article series that focuses on week to week achievements.  

Now that the season is over its time to give credit to people and teams that have been doing work all season long. 

Best Team of the Year

 (AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

Early in the Season, things looked bleak for the Carolina Panthers when their #1 receiver Kelvin Benjamin tore his ACL. Mix that in with a bit of a disappointing 2014-2015 season, and it was hard to be optimistic about the Panthers; however the team responded.

The defense for the Panthers was outstanding, Cam Newton had an MVP year and one "dab"  banded them together.

The Panthers finished the regular season 15-1 and honestly looked good the entire time. It will be interesting to see how they fare in the playoffs. 

Worst Team of the Year 

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(AP Photo)

The Eagles were an absolute disaster this year and everyone knew it.

Chip Kelly made moves in the off-season and with that power did some irresponsible things. He made some head scratching moves, which not only made the team bad, but cost him his job.

Still they're not the worst team of the Year.

The Worst team of the Year is the Eagles division rivals, The  New York Giants.

One thing that is really troublesome is when a team is able to consistently blow 4th quarter leads and that is exactly what the Giants did over and over. If not for that, the Giants may have actually been in the playoffs instead of 6-10. 

Best Player of the Year

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(AP Photo)

I think Cam Newton is the MVP this year. Brady was Brady, and running backs always deserve love but Cam Newton was impressive. The one thing I like about Newton is that he is able to be effective with his arm and legs. This enables the coaching staff of Carolina to make straight up rushing plays with Cam Newton.

To be Honest, there are many reasons why Cam Newton should be the MVP but there is only one reason that one needs to make Cam Newton MVP and that is Wins. Sometimes we as fans get caught up in stats but if a guy is winning and is contributing to the win, then that guy is doing something right. 

Worst Player of the Year

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(AP Photos)

Peyton Manning was bad, Demarco Murray was disappointing, but I was legitimately concerned with Aaron Rodgers life. Aaron Rodgers wasn't bad but he was sure put in a bad situation. Nevermind the fact that his receivers are unable to get open, his offensive line was terrible. Every member on the offensive line should be the worst players of the Year because the offensive line members are a major reason why the Packers regressed to the point they did this season. 

Game of the Year 

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(AP Photo)

Let me take you back to week 12 of the NFL season. The Patriots were destroying every team in their path and looked like the pre-ordained Super Bowl champions.

Little did they know that backup quarterback, Brock Osweiler and the Denver Broncos were not afraid.

In a back and forth affair that went into overtime, the Broncos became the first of only four blemishes on the New England Patriots record. At the time this was shocking. Before people realized how injured the patriots were, teams were being decimated by Tom Brady and the Patriots. 

Surprise of the Week

Much to dismay of Robert Griffin III fans and Native Americans, Washington are one of the hottest teams in the NFL right now. Washington finished at 9-7 and now are poised to make some noise in the NFC.

For all the criticism Kurt Cousin gets for being inconsistent, he has been a major reason to Washington's success.

The quarterback has really caught fire finishing 10th in passing yards, 12th in passing touchdown and responsible for the new phrase "You Like That, You Like That!", Kurt Cousins has proven that when he's on he is very capable of being a starting NFL quarterback. 

Wild Card game to watch next week

The Packers could very well lose to Washington in their Wild card matchup.