Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors is back! 

After a rather eventful off-season, Weekend Warriors is back to celebrate the winners, and shake our heads at the losers. However there is a couple changes. First change is the "best/worst player of the week" will now be "best/worst performance of the week".

Regular readers will often remember that if I saw fit, I would put more than one player in one of those categories, specifically if I wanted to praise or criticize the offensive line. Performance of the Week will allow for that to be a norm if needed.

Next there is a new option. Game to watch next week will now be included at the end. With that in mind lets get to the winners and losers of the week. 

Best team of the Week

The Buffalo Bills looked really Good this week. Historically, Bills of the past start well while the  Colts teams start relatively slow but I really liked what I saw from the Bills because of the following. First, the Indianapolis Colts going into the season were titled as the "best offence in the league" and the Buffalo Bills shut them down. Only 14 points were scored by Andrew Luck, Frank Gore, and the Colts.

Second, not only did the Bills shut them down, the Bills were not even at full strength on defense. These weren't no name players either, look it up important pieces didn't play or left the game. This was an overall good game for the Buffalo Bills. 

Worst Team of the Week

  Tony Gutierrez/AP

Tony Gutierrez/AP

I would say Tampa Bay Buccaneers but that's too easy; besides the Buccaneers are a disgrace and there will be plenty of weeks to put them in this category. The worst team of the week is the New York Giants. Why you ask? Let me take you back to their Sunday night game against the Cowboys.

While many were surprised that Tony Romo came through in the clutch, what is lost in that is that the Giants end of game clock management was Pop Warner Football like. As a result, they allowed the Cowboys to get one final possession and the rest is history. While many experts would justifiably point the finger at Eli Manning, I would point the finger at the whole team.

Tom Coughlin as coach should know better, Rashad Jennings as Running Back should know better, and quite frankly it's a bad loss for everyone on the Giants because they had the win in their grasp. 

Best Performance of the Week

  Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Many People would put Tom Brady's Thursday night's  statement game as the performance of the Week and I would agree. However, I honestly do believe that in today's current NFL it is much more easier for a quarterback to get a 3 touchdowns and 7 in-completions,  than for a running back to have an 130 yard game. No I am not talking about DeAngelo Williams although he was impressive on Thursday.

I am talking about San Francisco's Carlos Hyde.

The 49ers running back, on 26 touches, had 168 yards and 2 touchdowns. Yes the Vikings defensive line allowed him to cutback by over-committing but cutting back is still a hard thing to do in the NFL, let alone cutting back, with a spin move and then scoring. Also most of that 168 yards was a hard fought 168 yards. Congrats to Carlos Hyde for having himself a game. 

Worst Performance of the Week

  Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

This one is a little controversial but I am going with Adrian Peterson. Here's why, Adrian Peterson last year missed the entire season due to off-field issues which I will not dwell on. He had a contract dispute that would have been worthy of top news in the NFL if the world wasn't concerned with deflated balls. Adrian Peterson didn't have much of a training camp so he is fresh. So let's add that up, Adrian Peterson is Hungry, Fresh, Angry and what does he do?

He gets 31 yards, cue the trumpet song. Granted it was only 10 touches (which by the way is an indictment on how much coach Zimmer trusts the offensive line more than a coaching error) however only 31 yards for a fresh and hungry Adrian Peterson is disappointing to me. 

Game of the Week

  David E. Klutho for Sports Ilustrated

David E. Klutho for Sports Ilustrated

Seattle Seahawks vs St. Louis Rams was probably the best game of the week. Overtime is always a recipe for a good game but the Seahawks found themselves in an interesting position.

To keep the overtime drive alive, It was 4th & 1  and they needed a first down. Instantly memories of how Pete Carroll opted to pass and not run Marshawn Lynch in the final play of Super Bowl 49 came flooding into people's minds, and so everyone knew Pete Carroll had to run the ball.

As a result of everyone knowing Marshawn Lynch got stuffed and the Seahawks lost the game.

The interesting thing in all this is that Pete Carroll is still scared by his Superbowl blunder and it very well might effect the Seahawks long term. By the way for people saying "see throwing in the Superbowl wasn't a bad decision" on Twitter and using this game as a reference, stop. 4th and 1 in game one of the regular season, when everyone knows you have to run it is completely different from 2nd and goal at the 1 in the Superbowl when running up the middle is an unknown. 

Surprise of the Week

I did not expect Peyton Manning to look that old against the Ravens but he did. I am slowly and slowly leaning on saying he might need to retire after the season because he just didn't look like had it this week. 

Game to watch next week

I think the obvious answer is Seahawks vs Packers Sunday night no question.