Life Under The Scope: RG3

How does one player go from being the Heisman winner, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, and franchise savior, to becoming the butt of social media jokes and bad headlines in less than five years? 

I'm still not sure, but Robert Griffin has become that player.

In the last two season, RG3 has struggled to get healthy, but also keep his job as starting quarterback of the Washington Redskins. As a Cowboys fan, I love to see the Redskins with QB issues but as a media member and fan of football, I think RG3 has been receiving some premature criticism.

People quickly forget that he took a franchise to the playoffs and a NFC East title in his rookie season, while eclipsing 4,000 total yards.

The way RG3 took the league by storm can be compared to when Michael Vick entered the league; maybe not as electrifying but just as effective.

Then he met the Ravens, suffering a knee injury after Haloti Ngta put his helmet directly on Griffin’s knee. Then head coach, Mike Shanahon decided to stick with RG3 even though his knee was a liability

The decision to keep RG3 on the field was a bad idea and the main setback of his career. He was not ready to play in 2013, mentally or physically, and it trickled into the 2014 season, only playing in 9 games with 10 turnovers.

Is it safe to say RG3 has a clean slate in 2015?

Not yet.

His comments about being the best QB in the game will only put the scope on him much closer. As of now, many think RG3 is done, which I think is crazy.

"It's unfortunate that my name keeps getting used for headlines for people to click on stories. I know what I want to be, and I know what I strive to be. I'm not going to make any apologies for that." Robert Griffin on reaction to his claim to being the best QB in the NFL via

I have no issue with his comments, every player should feel like they are the best at their position. He also said that he has to back it up, acknowledging that he has some ground to cover to get back into that conversation of top Qbs in the league.

His first mistake will bring much scrutiny, and that is where I worry about Griffin. Sometimes he can get caught up in the media hoopla, which is not what you want from your quarterback.

As far as skills go, I think RG3 will return back to form, coming into Training Camp 100% for the first time since his rookie season. His mental state of mind is my main concern. Jay Gruden has already proved that he will not waste time to go to his 2nd and 3rd QB – and go right back to the 1st –- but another benching for RG3 I think could be detrimental for his his career.