Michael's Weekend Warriors: Week 13

While I was looking at my picks for the Weekend Warriors, I realized something; I am a bully. Celebrate the winners, laugh at the losers, sounds very bully-like. Then I realized I was over thinking it. Let's get to the weekend warriors.

Best team of the Week

 (AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

The Seattle Seahawks --- in a must win game --- did the right thing, defeating a pretty good team in the Minnesota Vikings, 38-7.

The offense is now starting to figuring itself out. Thanks to the offensive line, Russell Wilson is now finding Jimmy Graham --- albeit, a little later than people would have liked but still the tandem of Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham are connecting and it is scary. The credit also goes to the defense, holding a team with the best running back in the league to 7 points is impressive. 

Worst Team of the Week 

 (Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

Shout-out to Washington for screwing up and losing to Matt Cassell at home but this week the worst team is the Indianapolis Colts. I know the Pittsburgh Steelers offense is ridiculous this year but losing 45-10 is unacceptable.

The worst part is the Steelers defense gave up 30+ points in 3 straight games prior to Sunday night. They proceeded to hold the Colts to 10-points like it was the return of the Steel Curtain. Lucky for the Colts, their division is bad enough that the Colts are still in the race at 6-6. 

Best Player of the Week

8 Catches. 118 yards receiving. 2 touchdowns. Scared a security guard with Celebration. Win.

That was Antonio Brown's statline. I would go into some long paragraph about what good things he did but I won't. I will say this, Brown is the best wide receiver in the NFL right now. Also shout out to Martavis Bryant who also went to work against the Colts. 

Worst Player the Week

 (AP photo)

(AP photo)

Fact is, Adrian Peterson on Sunday did not have a good game. 8 touches for 18 rushing yards is not good for any running back, let alone the best running back in the league. I know Minnesota is a good team but their offensive line does look suspect. With that  being said, AP has to play better because the opportunities to score were there in the first half. This week is a write-off for him and hopefully he will come back strong. 

Game of the Week

It must suck to a Detroit Lions fan this week, well it always sucks to be a Detroit Lions fan, but this week in particular was so bad.

Up 23-21, the lions came oh so close but then disaster struck in the form of Aaron Rodgers. Defensive end, Devin Taylor got called for a face-mask on Aaron Rodgers. This set up a 61-yard Rodgers to Rodgers, game-winning Hail Mary connection. 

Side note: the call was phantom. often times referees will make a call on a reaction or a perceived action. This happens in every sport. I.e. in soccer calling the foul when the player gets all ball. Is it right, absolutely not but it happens in every sport so don't get mad. 

The Packers have really regressed in the course of this season and it shows. However, as long as they still have Aaron Rodgers on the team they will be okay. 

Surprise of the Week

 (Ap Photo)

(Ap Photo)

I have been saying for about two years that the Patriots need Gronkowski to be healthy or they do not win the Super Bowl.

I did not know the Patriots needed him this bad.

The New England Patriots now have lost two straight since Gronk suffered his injury. Technically speaking, he was in the Broncos game but got injured and that's when the tide started to turn. To be fair, other pieces have been missing also, but the Patriots bread and butter is Brady to Gronkowski.

With that option no longer in Brady's repitore for the immediate future, Brady looks to be struggling. 

Game to watch next week 

 Bills vs Eagles will not be an offensive masterpiece but it is a game that matters. In a game that has real playoff implications, Bills vs. Eagles should be intense. Not to mention Shady McCoy faces his former team, the same team that traded him and slammed the door on his way out.