Michael's Weekend Warriors: Week 11

Playoffs is just around the corner and some interesting stories are starting to surface. Lets touch on the on the field stories because that's what the weekend warriors is about. 

Best Team of the Week

The statistical revolution is great, however, I still think intangibles and effort always count for something.

One of the intangibles I am a big believer in is comradery. Often times when players like each other enough, they will play harder for the guy next to them and not just for selfish gain. I think we saw that this week.

Flashback to last week to the Carolina Panthers and Tennessee Titans matchup when Cam Newton did the Dab heard around North America. On top of the media criticism, Newton received, Newton also received a scathing letter for his dance. Much of the criticism was unfair and quite frankly dumb.

This week the Carolina Panthers squared off against Washington and boy was it ever a bad time for Washington, losing 44-16.

The running game was great, the defense was suffocating, and Newton had 5 passing touchdowns. It was a team effort and I believe the guys in the Panthers' locker room were playing motivated.

For the record, not all media outlets and people were in on the "Hate Cam Newton" bandwagon. I was quite impressed to see that it was a minority of them who were. The point is the controversy was there and it only gave the Panthers more motivation. 

Worst Team of the Week

Nothing makes me more disappointed in a team then when a team gets blown out in a game they have to win.

That's what happened to the Eagles did when they took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Losing to the Bucs in a must win game is deplorable on it's own, but losing to the Bucs 45-17 is absolutely disgraceful. The Story of the game was Turnovers,  Eagles' offense practically giving the ball to the Buccaneers,  finishing with 4 turnovers.

Granted, Mark Sanchez was in the game. Granted the Buccaneers are better than they were last year. Still this is a game the Eagles had to win, and to say they didn't is an understatement. 

Best Player of the Week

The Seattle Seahawks were not playing a great San Francisco 49ers squad,  but that should not take away from Thomas Rawls 209 yards rushing on Sunday.  30 carries 209 yards and a touchdown. In other words, Rawls could not be stopped. Good job to you Mr. Rawls. 

Worst Player of the Week 

This year, I find it hard to like Greg Hardy for all the info that came out about Greg Hardy's personal life. That's an understatement, I genuinely am upset with Greg Hardy playing because of his actions, the severity of his actions, and the lack of remorse he had after.

With that being said, I always try to make the Weekend Warriors have an on-the-field and in-the-locker room focus. So when he got signed by the Cowboys, I really thought one of these weeks I'd have to considering putting him in the limelight.

Fact is, before he was put on the commissioner's exempt list, he was a top defensive end. This week he is getting some attention, but it is as the worst player of the week.

After reportedly being ridiculously late to meetings, Greg Hardy against the Dolphins had a total of 1 tackle and half a sack. The problem for me is that Hardy immense talent is clearly not worth the stress for the Cowboys. Let alone the fact that he was not remorseful in the least for his off-the-field conduct. 

Game of the Week

The Cincinnati Bengals versus the Arizona Cardinals was a great game. I put this game in the classic "tale of two quarters" column. Arizona was Dominant in third  and it looked like Cincinnati was going to wilt under the pressure of primetime lights again. 

The Bengals would tie the game at 31 with 1:03 left. Then in a bizzare and shocking twist, Demota Peko got called for unsportsmenlike conduct. The reason: yelling out offensive signals to confuse the offensive.

The game came down to a field goal from the Cardinals 32-yard line, Cards winning,34-31.

I cannot remember if I had ever seen or heard anyone try to yell out offensive signals from defense before that point, so I really don't know if the flag was justified or not. In any case it made for good football. 

Surprise of the Week

 The Green Bay Packers may have beat the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, but the NFC North is still up in the air. Both are 7-3 and to be honest it looks like the Packers are the more unstable of the two. Defensively the Packers are inconsistent and the offensive line of the Packers joins the Seahawks offensive line in the list of most suspect offensive lines in football. 

Game to watch Next week

I have this weird feeling that Dallas can beat the Panthers this week. Do not ask me why but I do. That is a game I will be tuning it to.