Michael's Weekend Warriors: Week 10

Things are heating up in the NFL. From great performances, to trash talk, to dances, the NFL was fun this week. When it is solely about the play on the field, people realize why they still watch. 

Best team of the Week 

JJ Watt talking big sh*t lol. Called Andy Dalton a BB Gun. #texans #bengals #NFL #mnf #jjwatt

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Say what you will about the Bengals in prime time, but the fact is they walked into the Monday night football game undefeated. Not only that but their opponent was the lowly Houston Texans. The Texans record may be under .500, but they added the one in the Bengals loss column. 10-6 was the score and for that the Texans are the team of the Week. The Texans defense for one week looked like the defense that fans thought it was going to be at the start of the season. Cushing and Watt were disruptive, and in the end, Houston secondary won the game. 

Worst Team of the Week

Any time you allow Washington to score 47 points, you have to be in the worst team of the week discussion. The New Orleans Saints have been bad defensively for most of the last decade, so it's not surprising, but this year, defense has completely gone out the window. They lost to the Redskins 47-14 and made Kurt Kousins look like Dan Marino. This performance got Rob Ryan fired as defensive coordinator and as much as I hate seeing a human being getting fired, the Saints needed some spark defensively. 

Best Player of the Week

Ben Roethlisburger had a Hall of Fame moment on Sunday. Roethlisburger was not supposed to play, let me rephrase that, Roethlisburger had a foot injury and was sidelined for the week. Fortunately for Steelers Nation, he dressed. Landry Jones was playing in Roethlisburger's place, but then Jones got injured. Since there was no other quarterback able to play, Big Ben was in. Ben Roethlisburger then went on to throw for 379 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception in the Pittsburgh Steelers 30-9 win over the Cleveland Browns. In a span of one week, Big Ben went from being in crutches to beating down the Browns.

Worst Player of the Week

I never thought I'd say this but Peyton Manning straight up embarrassed himself this week. He clearly was not healthy and tried to compete, but good lord he was awful. 5 completions on 20 attempts, 30 yards passing and 4 interceptions. It actually made me cringe seeing the guy who made me like football go out there and look like a shell of his former self. It should be emphasized that he was hurt but it doesn't make it any less painful to watch him play poorly. At least he broke the record for all-time passing yards in the process of this terrible performance. 

Game of the Week

For the second straight week, the New York Giants  had the lead in late game situations, and once again they coughed it up. Losing to the New England Patriots 27-26 on a last second field goal. For some reason, the Patriots have a tough time against the Giants, and it was a fun game to watch and see if the Giants could actually pull this off. 

Surprise of the Week

The Minnesota Vikings are leading the NFC North and has the world gone crazy. To be honest, in the off-season, they had all the makings of being a disaster, but sure enough, the team has played way beyond expectation. Their is still a lot of football to be played so we'll see how the Vikings fare. Still it is impressive to see how well they played.

Game to watch next week

Since Tony Romo has been sidelined with injury, the Dallas Cowboys have been a disgrace. The Cowboys have lost 7-straight but their is still hope with Tony Romo set to come back this week. This week it will be the Cowboys travelling to south beach to face the Miami Dolphins