Week four in the NFL is always a pretty good week for me. Usually it is the Week where we figure out who is as good as we thought or who is on the verge of a bad season; however Weekend Warriors is about recognizing achievements week to week. So here are the week's winners and losers. 

Best team of the Week

(AP Photos)

(AP Photos)

I know it was against Tampa Bay, but I really like how the Carolina Panthers blew the doors open in the second half versus the Buccaneers. The offense and defense were both clicking as the Carolina Panthers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37-23.

The Panthers offensively have not asked much out of Cam Newton and this was another one of those games. That's not to  say he hasn't been good, because he has, but it is to say that the Defense is returning to the form they were once at two years ago.

As a result the Panthers are a quiet 4-0. Granted the Panthers have not exactly faced the cream of the crop in the NFL yet, but as the saying goes, you gotta play whose in front of you and the Panthers have been doing that well. 

Worst Team of the Week

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(AP Photo)

This is the first Houston Texans sighting on Weekend Warriors as the worst team of the Week this season. Trust me, the Texans will be here a lot if they keep playing the way they did against the Atlanta Falcons for the rest of the season.

We can say Ryan Mallet was terrible, which he was, but at the end of the day, that defense was shambolic. The final score was Houston 21 Atlanta 48. I am very surprised at how bad the Texans' defense was against the Falcons because there are some quality pieces on that side of the ball. In a nutshell, it was just a bad outing for the Houston Texans on both sides of the ball. 

Best Player of the Week

(Ap Photo)

(Ap Photo)

Unless you are Richard Sherman, very rarely as a Defensive Back does your name get some ink; however Kam Chancellor is getting some ink after saving the game for the Seahawks when they took on the Detroit Lions Monday Night.

In probably one of the most offensively challenge games I have seen since Ryan Lindley was quarterbacking for the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit desperately needed some points. Matthew Stafford was putting together a bit of a drive that got them to the Red Zone. There he connected with Calvin Johnson and it looked like he was going to score until Kam Chancellor came and punched the ball out. In controversial fashion, the Seahawks recovered the ball and that was the ball game. In the Ultimate team game, Kam Chancellor literally won the Seattle Seahawks the game. Hopefully he gets paid now. 

Worst Player of the Week

I will admit what I am about to say borders on unfair but I will say it. When I watch football the thing that confuses me the most is when a substitution happens and the substituted player is confused on what he should do. Damien Wilson was one of those players on Sunday night when he came into the game and did not know he was supposed to cover C.J. Spiller.

As a result C.J Spiller walked to the house and Dallas lost the game in OT 26-20. I honestly think whether you are a first string starter or rookie, you should know what the play is when you get on the field. Damien Wilson is young and he will have time to learn but today he is worst player of the week. 

Game of the Week

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(AP Photo)

If you didn't watch that Dallas vs. New Orleans game on Sunday night then I feel bad for you. The funny thing is, what made the game so great is what usually makes a game so bad and that is errors. Defensive errors was mainly the reason why the Cowboys, with Brandon Weeden at the helm, tied the game with 1:51 left. A missed field goal by Zach Hocker of the New Orleans Saints is what prevented the Saints from winning the game. Finally, a blown coverage by Damien Wilson of the Cowboys is what ultimately gave the Saints the game. Moral of the story, sometimes errors can be exciting. 

Surprise of the Week

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(AP Photo) 

This has been one of the most puzzling season from a kicking standpoint. While kicking in the NFL is not easy, kickers are usually automatic. To say the kickers have not been automatic is an understatement.

This was especially evident in week four, when we saw Josh Scobee miss two crucial field goals (for which he paid dearly for), Dan Carpenter missed a proverbial chip shot by his standards, and Zach Hocker missed a potential game winning field goal by hitting the ball off the left goal post.

This made me think, we as fans take kickers for granted, and maybe kickers should get more love when they make kicks. Needless to say, everyone is going to hold their breath any time their team's kicker steps up to kick the field goal. 

Game to watch next week

I don't know if you have noticed but the Lions are 0-4. To be fair this season they have gone through the proverbial murderers row of opponents, but 0-4 is 0-4. Next week is no different as they are hosting the Arizona Cardinals who are probably pissed off after a tough loss to the St. Louis Rams. I am wondering if the Lions can get one in the win column against a tough opponent. 


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