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Best Team of the Week

Even though no one is picking the Colts to go into Denver and beat the Broncos, for about one week the Indianapolis Colts looked great. They beat up on the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 26-10. Granted the Bengals are a team who struggles in the playoffs, but the Colts Cornerbacks were on the Bengals receivers like white on rice. Will they win the Colts Superbowl? Absolutely not. However, it was a complete game from the Indianapolis Colts.

Worst Team of the Week

Here’s the Deal, I feel so bad for the Arizona Cardinals. No offense to anyone who makes it to the NFL, because they’re all great athletes, but the Cardinals had a tree stump at quarterback. As a result the Cardinals offense was struggling the whole game. It is a shame because if they had a decent quarterback, the Cardinals might have been Super Bowl contenders, and maybe victors 

Best Player of the Week

I thought Joe Flacco was pretty good against the Steelers. Statistically Luck was better, but it was a good performance by Flacco considering it was a rivalry game, and frankly, I did not think that the Ravens were going to win. He was composed, smart and made winning plays. Granted the Ravens defense was good but in the playoffs, passing yards are nice but winning plays are what teams need.

Worst Player of the Week

Ryan Lindley is an easy target so I will not go there. Jeremy Hill needed to have a big game if the Cincinnati Bengals had a chance to beat the Indianapolis Colts and he had the opposite. It was actually interesting in how bad he was. He came out strong in the first quarter and then the Colts Defense took care of him as he rushed for 47 yards on 13 carries. It is funny how people hate on Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis for their flaws (often justified) when a lot of times the Cincinnati Bengals, as a group, do not show up or simply are not good enough to beat the elite teams.

Game of the Week

It is a shame that most people, when looking back on the game between the Detroit Lions vs. the Dallas Cowboys, will think about the call that turned out to be a no call in the fourth, because besides that it was a good game. The game had so many storylines coming in and both teams played hard. It was one of those games that you honestly look back on and can say “that was  when that (blank) happened” From The flag/ no flag, to Tony Romo to Witten on fourth down, to DeMarcus Lawrence late game failure then eventual redemption, it was a good game throughout.

Surprise of the Week

What I liked most about the Cowboys vs. the Lions is that I was genuinely surprised on how that played out. First in the battle between Lions Defensive line versus Lions offensive line the Lions won which was a surprise. What was even more surprisingly is that Tony Romo remained composed under the pressure and pulled out the victory. Honorable mention to the Ravens going to Heinz Field and beating the Steelers.

Playoff predictions:

Current prediction record: 3-1

Baltimore Ravens vs. New England Patriots

For some reason, whenever the Baltimore Ravens play the New England Patriots, the Ravens play them tight. I’ll even go as far as to say that had it not been for the Lee Evans Drop in the endzone or the Billy Cundiff missed field goal, Joe Flacco may have been able to crush the Patriot faithful’s Superbowl dreams twice. With that being said, I expect the New England Patriots to win. This Patriot’s defense is playing superb and the chemistry between Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady is getting uncanny. The Patriots should win but it will be closer than people think.

Prediction: Patriots win by a touchdown

Carolina Panthers vs. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle is winning this game. I said all year that a team has to take the number one seed to prevent Seattle from having home field advantage if they have any chance of beating them. Fortunately or unfortunately, a team did not and I fully expect Seattle to win this game.

Prediction: Seattle wins by a touchdown

Dallas Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers

I am glad that Tony Romo finally got the monkey off his back and won a high profile game. I am glad that the Dallas Cowboys fans finally got to praise their team for having a clutch performance in the postseason since it has been so long since they could. Most of all I hope the Dallas Cowboys fans had fun because the Dallas Cowboys run is over. In my life existence, I only know of two sure-fire ways to beat any Green Bay Packers team in Lambo field and that is with a running quarterback or an elite running back. Other than that it is extremely hard to go into Lambeau Field when the conditions resemble the arctic and win against the Packers.

Prediction: Packers win by two touchdowns

Indianapolis Colts vs Denver Broncos

Call me crazy but I think the Indianapolis Colts will shock the Denver Broncos. I am convinced Peyton Manning is hurt and the defense is not very intimidating to me. Coupled with the fact that I do not think that Andrew Luck can be stopped and I think the Colts have a chance. The Colts are underdogs but they can win this due to mitigating circumstances.

Prediction: Colts win by a field goal.

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