Michael's Weekend Warriors

It came a little late this week but Weekend Warriors is here with a bang. What a week filled with intrigue and the always juicy train wrecks, was in full display. Without any further introductions, let's get to the winners and losers of the week. 

Best Team of the Week

I cannot believe I am actually writing this but the Cleveland Browns picked up a big win against the Bengals last Thursday night. For those who missed it, Brian Hoyer and company stepped on the throats of the Cincinnati Bengals who have been struggling lately. To be completely honest I don't know what to make of the Cleveland Browns. On one hand, they have been winning games, but on the other hand, on paper they're not gifted offensively due to injury and suspensions. One thing for sure, they are slowly getting the attention of football fans. 

Worst Team of the Week 

The Carolina Panthers are a shell of their self from last season. Their offensive line looked putrid and their defense is not even a quarter of what it was last year. They allowed an Eagles team to decimate them in their 45-21 loss. By the way, honorable mention to the bears who were awful as well. 

Best Player of the Week

This is more of a heart pick but Mark Sanchez is my player of the week. He wasn't the best statistical or even intrinsic player last week but he really warmed my heart with his performance. Many people laugh at Mark Sanchez for all of his bad moments including the "butt fumble", however, many people forget at one point of his career he was a part of a very good team. In fact many people say he has talent but he then lost all his confidence and now is a backup. Unfortunately for the Eagles' faithful or fortunately for Sanchez, Nick Foles got injured and Mark Sanchez took this opportunity to shine. He had 332 passing yards 2 passing touchdowns and wait for it... No interceptions. It's just a breath of fresh air to see Mark Sanchez play well. 

Worst player of the Week

It would be easy to make fun of Jake Cutler for his performance but I am... who am I kidding he wasn't good. Statically, he was okay but made stupid plays, and for a guy who was given an extension, it doesn't look like he deserve it. In that game the difference between Cutler and Rodgers was evident and now we can quote a wise man and say "the Bears are we thought they were." 

Game of the Week

 Due to its sheer importance and the fact the game was actually close I'd say the game of the week was the San Francisco 49ers versus the New Orleans Saints. For those who missed it, the San Francisco 49ers saved their season on Sunday with an overtime win versus the Saints. It wasn't pretty at all but credit to the 49ers for grinding the win. With that being said it may very well be too little too late for them given the division they are in. 

Surprise of the Week

Detroit's Defense looks solid. Granted they had the potential to be a good defense given the names they have but it's still surprising for this reason. Remember when Jim Schwartz coached this team and the Lions defense couldn't even look at the other team without them getting a penalty. I really thought that was a personnel issue but they have seemed to make strides in cleaning that part of their game. Now credit to the coaching staff as well (yes Jim Caldwell gets love). 

Next week, Brady vs. Luck, both of a bye week. Nuff said.

By: Michael Asiffo


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