Hammon and the Summer Spurs

Who said basketball was a man's game?

In one summer, Becky Hammon became the first woman to coach in the NBA Summer League and win the Summer League title. Hammon led the Spurs, who didn't have one lottery pick on the squad, to a 6-1 record and the Las Vegas Summer League Championship.

Spurs defeated the Phoenix Suns 93-90 in the championship game, Johnathan Simmons crowned the MVP, leading the Spurs with 23 points off the bench. Simmons is a product of the Spurs' D-League program, the Austin Spurs, averaging 15 points a game. His road to the NBA was not an easy one.

The 6'6 swing played his college ball at Houston but prior to that he was one of the best players coming out of JuCo.

Simmons is now apart of the San Antonio Spurs, signing a two-year deal just before the championship game.

We have some seen abysmal coaching jobs during the Summer League in the past, but coach Hammon did wonderful. Each game you can see here basketball IQ in her play calling. The motion plays she drew up during timeouts – then for the team to run them perfectly – I'm sure made coach Popovich smile from ear to ear, something that doesn't happen to often.

Kyle Anderson was named Summer League MVP, averaging 19 points, 6 boards, and 2 dimes in 10 games. Anderson teammates call him “Slo-Mo” because of his 1-speed style of play. Even though it may look slow, Anderson's game was deadly this summer. The 6'9 swingman was un-guardable during the summer league, showing all aspects of his scoring ability.

Anderson didn't get much playing time last season but after his performance during July, I'm sure he will see the court in the upcoming NBA season.

"I know we're going to have a great roster put together. I want to be out there on that floor. So I'm going to put [in] whatever work I need to. We have a great starting lineup already, great core guys. So I'm just going to do whatever it takes to get on the floor." via ESPN.com

Hammon will be an assistant for the Spurs this season but she got her first taste of being a head coach in the NBA. She got to feel what it's like to have so many different scenarios running through her brain during a commercial break. She got a chance to take a group of guys that never played together, and turn them into a cohesive unit within 16 days.

Seeing a woman inside the huddle was never weird for me, only because, at the end of the day, basketball is basketball. If you understand the game, and can command the respect of your players, then it doesn't matter what your gender is. Men are naturally more athletic, but the fundamentals of basketball makes it the perfect Unisex sport.

Hammon will be an NBA Head Coach a lot sooner than we think.