DJ Fiasco

NBA Free Agency is coming to an end and things seem to get crazier. 

Deandre Jordan has become a very good player in the NBA. In his 7 year career, he has transformed from a “middle-of-the-road” role player off the bench, to one of the best defensive post players in the league.

Jordan's emergence has also put him as one of the best free agents in 2015, averaging 11 points, 15 boards, and 2 blocks, while shooting 71% from the field in 2014-15 season. Unfortunately, Jordan was apart of the circus that is the NBA Free Agency, and his act may have been the biggest of the summer. 

Up until Wednesday, Deandre Jordan was believed to be headed to his home state of Texas to play for the Mavericks. Jordan “verbally committed” (I will express my feelings about that term) to the Mavericks, agreeing to a 4-year $80 million offer. Mark Cuban even said that he will be their “best player for years to come” which is a strong statement for a player that only averages 11 points. 

The city of Dallas had the impression that finally snagged that premier free agent they have been longing for. After years of losing out on big stars, one was finally coming to Dallas..........sike, I lied. 

The Clippers, who were the loser in this situation, somehow manage to turn the tables and ultimately won the Deandre Jordan sweepstakes. Since Tuesday night, the Mavericks have not heard from Jordan but they know he will not be playing in a Mavericks uniform. 

The Clippers and Jordan found themselves in a room together, apparently laying everything out of the table. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Doc Rivers were apart of this meeting at Jordan's house in Houston. 

By the end of that meeting, Jordan was a Clipper again. I can't tell you exactly what happened in that meeting because I refuse to believe what “sources” say. All we know is Jordan has signed a 4-year $88 million contract with the other LA team. 

This is why I hate NBA Free Agency. 

This whole verbal commitment thing is new to me. Last time I checked, these were professionals, not high school kids. I expect 17-18 year old kids to change their minds because, for one, they're teenagers, and two, they have months to think about their decision, which sometimes leads to a change of heart. As a grown man, your word should be your word, simple as that. And I don't want people to think I'm judging Jordan but I'm not a supporter of how he conducted himself in this situation, especially when he has yet to speak with Mark Cuban and the Mavericks about reneging on his commitment

The Mavs are once again without a top free agent and Dirk is left wondering why top tier players are not running to play by his side. Some Maverick players have already thrown shots at Jordan, Chandlor Parsons being one of them, saying Jordan “was afraid to be a franchise player”. 

My question is, am I the only one who doesn't see Deandre Jordan as a franchise player? Don't get me wrong, he is a very good center but he can't score unless someone else sets him up; that is not a franchise player. He can effect a game with his rebounding and defense but without an offensive post game, I can't consider him a franchise player. 

I understand Mark Cuban's gripe, but I think he overvalued Deandre Jordan. I think losing Monta (agreed to terms with the Bucks) was more detrimental than losing out on Jordan. Monta and Wesley Matthews in the back-court could have been the perfect mix of offense and defense. 

Wesley will stay with the Mavs, even though acquiring Deandre Jordan was a main selling point. Cuban allowed Wesley to opt out of his verbal commitment, but Wesley being a real dude, stayed true to his word. 

Clippers and Mavericks will have some heated match-ups this upcoming season. Will we see a Clippers-Mavericks Christmas Day game, if the NBA is smart we will.