Fan-I Logo Criteria

Guess what NBA fans? Another logo came out. This time around it was the LA Clippers who unveiled the logo which was actually quite interesting. Rather than holding a formal press conference or release of the logo on their Twitter account, owner Steve Ballmer unveiled the logo while on Connan O'Brien's late night show. The unveiling was actually very clever marketing strategy. Every fan loves a very energetic owner, and although Ballmer is eccentric to the max, he is very energetic when it comes to his newly acquired franchise. Mix that with an eccentric environment and you have a very entertaining show on paper. Add in the fact that he's the guy who followed Donald Sterling and all these parts make for a very highly publicized unveiling.........If only the logo was any good, to say the logo isn't good is an understatement in my opinion. 

I really do not want to be offensive to the Clippers creative team because, to be honest, for a long time they were the only thing about the Clippers. Even though the team was considered the Lakers ugly sister for a long time, it must be said that a bad team has never looked so good in a Jersey. The Clippers Jerseys were some of the best Jerseys in the league. Even though their old logo was simply a basketball with "Los Angeles Clippers" written beside it, I found the logo quite nice in a simple way. However, the creative team, in my opinion, ruined the logo with the new unveiling. However, rather than tear the logo to shreds with long drawn paragraphs, the "Fan-I Logo Criteria" will tear the team logo to shreds. 

For anyone who has not read up the Fan-I Logo Criteria when it was introduced in a prior article about the Sixers new logo, here's how it goes. We analyze a logo on four categories. Each category is rated from 1-5, 5 being the best for a total number of 20. The higher the number, the better the logo. The categories are: 

The look: Is the logo aesthetically pleasing to the eye if the logo was without colour?

The incorporation of the city identity: How well the team incorporates the city's history into the logo?

The colour: Does the colour scheme compliment the look of the logo?

Sense of pride: Are the fans prideful of the logo?

The Los Angeles Clippers New logo

Look: This is me being nice about it. It looks like it was used off Microsoft Word and took 10 minutes. To be fair, I get what the Clippers Franchise was trying to do, and that was be simple. However, not only have they completely deviated from the old logo, it looks all wrong. The font looks out of place and the basketball with the letters in the middle lack any flash. The Clippers in this category get a 1. 

Incorporation of the city's identity: To be fair, all of L.A's logos save for the Angels do not even attempt to incorporate the logo. Instead, the logo becomes a part of the teams identity, thus only time will tell. My only problem is that this logo is such a huge change from the last logo despite being just as simple, that I doubt the city will accept it. The Clippers in this category gets a very hesitant 2. 

Colour scheme: My biggest problem with this new logo is the lack of colour. Lines of blue and red with Black coloured font is not colour. The thing is the Clippers have probably the best colour scheme. Sporting bright red lines forming a basketball and blue letters was simple but visually appealing and gave birth to probably one of the nicest looking jerseys in the league. Now the colour is minimal and the black font was not needed. This criteria gets a generous 2. 

Sense of pride: Right now the Clippers are a prideful team and I do not think they'll tone down on their pride. However, the jersey will follow the colour, which worries me because that means the end of good jersey is upon us, which could strip away the pride of the city. However its possible that the prior pride of the team could overcome the potential ugly jerseys. The Clippers in this category get a 3. 

Overall Clippers 8 out of 20

In other the logo was not good at all.