Last Team Standing

In the Western Conference Semi-Finals, the Golden State Warriors were down 2-1 to the Memphis Grizzlies, eventually ending that series in 6 games. In the Finals, the Warriors seen another 2-1 series deficit after game 3, but once again, they won three game straight, this time to claim the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

After what I thought was a pretty entertaining series, the Warriors defeated the Cavs in game 6 105-97 to seal the deal and claim the franchise's first title since 1975. Warriors are truly the best team this season, going wire-to-wire, holding the best record with 67 wins and now the Larry O'Brien trophy. 

Andre Iguodala was crowned Finals MVP, which is well deserved. Iggy had the responsibility of keeping LeBron in check, holding him to a low shooting percentage, but also putting up some points, grabbing boards, and dropping dimes. In 6 games he averaged 16 points, 6 boards, and 4 dimes, while shooting 40% from the 3-point line. And to think Iggy didn't start the first two games of this season or any of the 82 games during the regular season. Coach Kerr said it was very fitting for their team to have Iggy as the Finals MVP, mainly because of his sacrifice all season. 

The regular season MVP, didn't receive any MVP votes, which I thought was bizarre since he averaged 26 points, 6 dimes, and 5 boards for the series. Steph became the 6th player to win a championship in their first MVP season, joining Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Bob Cousy, Shaquille O'Neal, and Larry Bird. This is probably the best season an individual player has had in recent memory, especially with him being a smaller point guard that shoots the ball. I think we all have become a fan of Steph over the years, but now I think it is safe to say that he has entered into the superstar level. 

The Warriors supporting cast was a big reason why this team is NBA champs. Steve Kerr had the luxury of being able to have a 10-man rotation this series, something the Cavs couldn't do. The leader of that rotation has to be Draymond Green, who dropped a triple-double in game 6, 16 points, 11 boards, 10 dimes, along with 3 steals. Green efforts in the front court was big for the Warriors because it allowed them to play small ball and speed up the tempo of the game, something they couldn't do in game 1 and 2. Green, 6'8 at best, battled with a 7'0 Timofey Mozgov and pretty much outplayed him. 

For the Cavaliers, you have to tip your hat to them. They fought through injuries, losing Kevin Love in the first round, then Kyrie Irving in game 1 of the Finals, and still made it a competitive series. Majority of the credit has to go to LeBron James, who almost averaged a triple double through out this series. People want to say that LBJ didn't have any help this series but they still were in it each game. They could have easily went up 2-0 or even 3-0 but a bad close out in game 1 from the Cavs, 1-10 in OT, prevented that. Situations like that, I have to put blame on LeBron just because he didn't close out, which is his responsibility. I don't think he deserve much blame but I don't think he should get a pass either. In game 6, LeBron should have been more aggressive in the second half. Too many times I thought he was passing the ball instead of attacking the basket, especially during times where the Cavs needed a bucket. Yes the numbers show that he had a great game, 32 points, 18 boards, 9 dimes, but watching I thought he was very passive and lacked that sense of urgency. Overall though, LeBron had an incredible series, one that will be talked about for ages because of the numbers.

Overall, I would grade this series a B-, only because it didn't end as exciting as I wanted it too. I didn't expect the series to go 7 games, but I thought the Cavs would fight harder than what they did in the final stretch. It seemed like they gave up towards the end which is never fun to watch. The Warriors' depth was a main factor why they won this series and got thru the entire playoffs. When you add the injuries to the teams they played, no one was deep enough to run with them and it showed.