Cavs Bring Out Brooms, 118-88

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the Cavaliers are only the third team to sweep the #1 seed in the Conference Finals. Kobe, Shaq, and the Lakers swept the Spurs in 2001, and the Nets swept the Pistons in 2003. You could say that the Nets and Lakers had the better team, but it wasn't by much. In this situation with the Cavs and Hawks, the Cavs were just too much for the Hawks, despite losing to them 1-3 in the season series. 

Not surprised at all by this sweep, the Hawks didn't have anyone to match LeBron who had a historical series averaging, 30 points, 11 boards, and 9 dimes. Only player to come close to that was Oscar Robertson back in 1963 where he average 33 points, 12 boards and 9 dimes against the Celtics. LeBron is headed into his 5th consecutive NBA Finals which has only been done by 8 Celtics players from the Bill Russell era (played in 10 consecutive). It's no question he is currently the best player on the planet but now he must bring a title back to the town he departed 5 years ago. 

LeBron is now 8-0 vs the Hawks in the postseason. Even though the Hawks were the #1 seed and won 60 games, they still weren't the better team. Even without Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving (missed 2 games) the Cavs used their supporting cast to sweep the Hawks, Jr Smith, Iman Shumpert, and Tristan Thompson leading the way. Smith capped off a terrific series with his 18 points and 10 boards, averaging 18 and 7 in the series. Tristan Thompson capped off his series with 16 points and 11 boards, averaging a double-double and 4 offensive rebounds for series. 

The Hawks had an opportunity in game 2 to get a victory but fell short in overtime. They were without Al Horford who was ejected for his elbow to the head of Delladova in the 2nd quarter. Sharpshooter, Kyle Korver, was also out for the last two games of this series, after Delladova dived for the ball rolling over Korver's knee in Game 2. With Korver, I think they definitely could have won Game 2, because he could have hit a couple shots down the stretch, which the Hawks needed, but I don't think it would have been a difference. 

The Cavs will now await the winner of the Warriors/Rockets (Warriors up 3-1), which gives them time to heal up before June 4th, especially Kyrie Irving who is suffering from a couple injuries. Coming into the season, I didn't think the Cavs would make it to the Finals, but I also didn't see so many players being injured, which gave them a clear lane to the Finals. Now going up against two teams that has the weapons to match their firepower, we're going to see how great this team is. I think they have been tested by the Bulls, but without Pau Gasol, I knew the Bulls wouldn't be able to score with them.

The Cavs split with both Warriors and Rockets, 1-1, losing to both on the road. 

If I had to choose who I would like to see play them in the Finals, I will say the Warriors because they are the best team in the west, but the last time the Rockets and Cavs played it was very entertaining. In a seven game series, the Warriors have the best chance to beat the Cavs, not only because of their offense, but because they play defense and have depth. Steve Kerr has a few bodies he can throw at LeBron, not to stop him, but to make it difficult for him, like Draymond Green, Andre Igudola, Harrison Barnes, who all bring a different element defensively. Ultimately, I expect, and hope, for an entertaining NBA Finals.