Best Game Winner?

This has been a very entertaining postseason thanks to the few game winners. What I would like to know is, so far, who would you say had the best game winner, and so you won't have to worry about trying to remember all of them, we're going to list them all for you right here at 

Al Horford Game 5 Eastern Conference Semi-finals. 

Situation: The Hawks were trying to avoid going down 3-2 heading back to DC. John Wall who hasn't played the last two games of the series because of a wrist injury, finally made his return, and played very well. With 14 seconds left, the Hawks had an 80-78 lead, Wizards with the ball. After the Hawks used their foul, on the ensuing play, Bradley Beal found Paul Pierce in the corner for a go-ahead three, giving the Wizards an 81-80 lead with 8 remaining seconds in the game. 

My thoughts: I truly believe the Wizards gave this one away mainly because they didn't box out. Nene, who hasn't been much of a factor this series, did a horrible job of protecting the paint, getting bullied for the ball by Al Horford. Wizards coach, Randy Whitman replaced Marcin Gortat, who I think would have done a better job in that situation, with Nene right before the play. That may have been the most critical decision of the series. 

LeBron James Game 4 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. 

Situation: The Cavs were looking at potentially going down 3-1, heading back to Cleveland for Game 5. They gave up a 6 point lead with two minutes remaining with a some costly turnovers from star player LeBron James. LeBron had two questionable offensive fouls in the final minute of the game, one of which gave the Bulls and D-Rose the opportunity to tie the ballgame at 82 with 9 seconds remaining. 

My Thoughts: Of course anything with LeBron James involved in controversial, and this game winner was no different. Before Bronny's big shot, Nikola Mirotic blocked his layup attempt sending the ball out of bounds. The refs went to review the play which gave the Cavs time to settle in and come up with a play (Even though it wasn't the one drawn up by coach Blatt). Still, this was a great moment for Bronny and it saved the Cavs season. 

Paul Pierce Game 3 Eastern Conference Semi Finals 

Situation: In the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Wizards were up 85-66, but with less than a minute remaining, their lead was cut to 3 points, 99-96. The Hawks went on 22-7 run to cut that lead in the final 8 minutes of the game. The Hawks would tie the game at 101 when Mike Muscala hit 3 with 14 seconds remaining, capping off their 27-11 run. 

My Thoughts: The Truth never disappoints. He without question one of the most consistent players to ever step on an NBA court. 

Derrick Rose Game 3 Eastern Conference Semi Finals 

Situation: Both teams were looking to claim the series lead, the Cavs also looking to reclaim home-court. The 4th quarter was back-n-forth but the Cavs didn't claim a lead until there were 41 seconds left, thanks to some free throws by LeBron James making it 93-92. The Bulls would regain the lead on the ensuing possession with a Jimmy Butler layup, and two free throws from Taj Gibson made it 96-93 with 23 seconds left. Thirteen seconds later, JR Smith knocked down a three that tied the ball game with 10 seconds remaining. 

My Thoughts: It's good to see Rose have a big impact moment in the postseason. I don't want to jinx him and say “he's back” but he has had a great postseason individually and this shot made many people forget about those two lost seasons. 

Chris Paul Game 7 Western Conference First round

Situation: A total of 18 lead changes happened in the 4th quarter during this game. This was the only series in the first round that went 7 games and it involved two of the best teams in the Western Conference, one of which being the defending champs. With 8 seconds remaining, Tim Duncan knocked down two free throws to tie the ball game at 109, Clippers would use a 20 second time out. 

My Thoughts: As far as degree of difficulty, this is probably the best. Chris Paul landed a floater off the glass over 7ft Tim Duncan, not to mention jumping off the wrong foot (left), also not traveling. I don't know if you can find a tougher game-winner than that. 

Who had the best Game Winner?
Al Horford
LeBron James
Paul Pierce
Derrick Rose
Chris Paul
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