Scotty B Fired

The Thunder has decided to part ways with Scott Brooks after 7 years. You can't deny the fact that Scotty B had a good run, going 338-207 (62%), only missing the playoffs twice, this year being one of them. He also has led the Thunder to 3 Western Conference Finals, and a Finals apperence in 2012, losing to the Heat. With all that success, why would one want to get rid of their coach, well his resume is missing one thing; A championship. 

This is an extremely difficult decision on many levels. Scott helped establish the identity of the Thunder and has earned his rightful place in the history of our organization through his seven years as a valued leader and team member. As we all know, this past year we had unique and challenging circumstances and as I have conveyed, not many people could have accomplished what Scott and this team were able to. Therefore, it is very important to state that this decision is not a reflection of this past season, but rather an assessment of what we feel is necessary at this point in time in order to continually evolve, progress and sustain. We determined that, in order to stimulate progress and put ourselves in the best position next season and as we looked to the future, a transition of this kind was necessary for the program. We move forward with confidence in our foundation and embrace the persistence and responsibility that is required to construct an elite and enduring basketball organization capable of winning an NBA championship in Oklahoma City
— Thunder GM Sam Presti via

I'm the least surprised that Scotty B was shown the door, in fact, I thought it should have happened last year after they lost to the Spurs. With the talent he has had since being in OKC, it's no reason why the Thunder should have had a couple Finals appearances and a title. Think about this, Russell Westbrook and James Harden are MVP candidates this year, and Kevin Durant won it last year. Brooks had all three of them on the same squad for three years. He did reach the Finals with them, but he couldn't make the right adjustments to win. Also James Harden played like trash which didn't help. 

I have always had an issue with how Brooks coached this offense. He had two of the best scorers in the league but would only run iso plays. Where was the creativity? I also don't think  he helped Russell grow as a point guard. Russell is a great player but decision making has been an issue for him, and after awhile you have to blame the coach, especially if he is a former PG himself. 

And just to get this out the way, this is not a post to bash Scotty B, he did a good job but he could never get this good group of ballers over the hump. I don't blame this season on him because he had to deal with difficult circumstances, he did what he could do in a very thick Western Conference, but similar to Doug Collins with Jordan, he couldn't get over the hump. 

Thank you Scotty!

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So who will replace Scotty B? Everyone seems to think Kevin Ollie and Billy Donovan are the 
top candidates. Ollie would be the best fit out of the two because he has personal experience with the team as a player, playing his final season with the Thunder in 2009-10. KD went on record saying that Ollie was a difference maker for the Thunder, helping change the culture of the team. I'm not sure if Ollie or Donavan is ready to leave the college ranks but if the money is right, I can see either one jetting to OKC.

In an ESPN article, Spurs assistant coach, Ettore Messina, was suggested as a “out-of-the-box” candidate but I think he should be the main candidate. He will be coming from a great coaching tree and he is regarded as one of the greatest Euroleague coaches ever, winning 4 Euroleague titles and 7 Italian Cups. Eurostyle basketball is very fundamental and I think that style of play could really help the Thunder, especially KD and Russell. I'm not saying Messina would take this team to the promise land but he has great resume along with being an assistant for the best coach in the NBA, he could definitely make something happen with them.