Live From Brooklyn, It's Saturday Night!

The NBA trumps all when it comes to All-Star festivities. They have a good understanding of what their fans want to see and make sure their is something to do, and watch, for the entire weekend. 

This was one of the better Saturday Nights for All-Star Weekend in recent memory. Between rule changes and lack of superstars, Saturday Nights was without that excitement fans wanted to see, not this year though. All 3 events were worthy of prime time television. The Skills Challenege was a little different this year, this time having participants race through the course against another participant. To win though, you had to make the a 3-pointer at the end of the course, it's funny how the worse shooter in the event, won the whole thing. 

Patrick Beverley went through the each round trailing in the course, but he always manage to comeback, hitting his 3 pointer first, giving him the victory. 

The three point contest to me, was the best event of the night. Mainly because of the names that participated. The best shooters and biggest stars, two of which being MVP candidates went to battle for the 3-point crown. Steph Curry was victorious, beating out teammate Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving final round. All three shooters in the first round posted 20+, Klay leading the pack with 24. It was all Steph in the final round, who scored 27, while Klay and Kyrie tired out with less than 20.  

The rules for this year contest allowed shooters to put 5 money balls on the final rack, which Chef Curry took full advantage of. In the final round, he knocked down 13 of his last 14 shots, which gave him that lead neither Klay or Kyrie could touch. 

The Dunk Contest didn't disappoint and I'm thankful the NBA went back to the old rules of 2 dunks per round and 3 attempts, that kept the excitement level high and the contest flowing. No big stars in the contest, but there were some young high risers. Zach Lavine and Victor Olidipo had the most impressive dunks I've seen in a long time. Both had the creativity and the height needed to wow the crowd. The NBA definitley won with this year's Dunk Contest. 

Zach Levine was built for this contest. I've haven't seen someone with this kind of leaping ability or creativity in the Dunk contest since Vince Carter. Levine didn't use any props, didn't jump over anyone, just used his unbelievable leaping ability to dazzle the Brooklyn crowd. Levine is the second youngest to win the dunk contest at 19, behind only Kobe Bryant. I think he has a few more great dunks that we haven't seen yet, so be sure to tune in next year.