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I strongly believe that you have to look at a player's character and track record. We like to determine what a player should do based on our point of view. Saying a player should go join another superstar because its the "smart thing to do, doesn't necessarily mean that its the best thing to do. Some players value competition and would like to beat those same superstars that we suggest they should team up with. I can appreciate that in a player especially in this era of the NBA.

While Bronny put the world in a frenzy with his decision, the 2nd biggest free agent of the summer announced what he would do, that disappointed a lot of people. Carmelo Anthony decided to stay in New York, signing a 5 year $122 million deal, making him a Knick until 2019. Melo had his best season statistically last year but the Knicks as a team struggled in a very weak eastern conference. This is the part of Melo's game where people would like to see him get better, which is the ability to make players better. This is not a tangible attribute, but more so something that either you have or don't have. Do Melo have it? 

 If its not for team USA or East All-Stars, don't expect  to see these two rivals on the same squad. ( Phil Masturzo/Akron Beacon Journal)

If its not for team USA or East All-Stars, don't expect  to see these two rivals on the same squad. (Phil Masturzo/Akron Beacon Journal)

Most will say no and I will agree with them. I only agree because what most people want Melo to do is not in his game. People want Melo to be a facilitator, similar to how LeBron plays the game. That's not Melo's game. Not to say he can't pass and control the rock like LeBron but he chooses not to do it, that's not how he play basketball. In a order to win a title people suggest that Melo should play that way and how could you blame them. The average fanalyst see Bronny winning titles so they will think that's the only way to win a title. 

This is where people mess up at though, instead of accepting a player's game they suggest he play like another. That is the last thing a player should do. Melo is a scorer, probably the best scorer in the league, why should he change his game? Why would you want to take the ball out the best players hands? The only thing I suggest Melo do is become more active on the defensive end, and he has started to do that since he has been with the Knicks. As far as offense goes, I wouldn't change nothing about Melo's game. If you want him to take less shots, bring in someone else that can score with him. 

 Maybe Derek Fisher can figure out how to be successful with these two on the court at the same time. (AP Photos)

Maybe Derek Fisher can figure out how to be successful with these two on the court at the same time. (AP Photos)

I'm sure Phil Jackson has plenty of plans to help bring in a championship caliber roster but it's going to take time. Championships are not won over night, no matter how many stars you have. Bronny, Bosh, and Wade made it to the Finals their 1st year together but loss to a team with more chemistry. The primary thing on Phil's to-do list should be finding a point guard to be the floor general and facilitator. Like I said, Melo is not the facilitator type, so instead of changing his game, change the dynamics of the team. 

And I feel like the Knicks was going in the right direction when Melo first came to town. They had a solid PG in Raymond Felton, shooters on the perimeter, a defensive minded big man in Tyson Chandler, and another franchise player in Amare Stoudemire. They won the division for the first time in 15 years in 2013 but after that Pacers series, everything just fell apart. This is the point where instead of rebuilding the team, its time to restructure. Everyone think you can't build around Melo and that is very asinine to think. Melo only missed the playoffs once in his entire career and that was this past season. He grew up in a tough Western Conference that included the Spurs and Lakers, who won 5 championships combined during Melo's 7 years in Denver. 

As a fan of the NBA, I appreciate this. Players jump from team to team so much in the NBA that its hard to keep a favorite team, reason why the NBA has the biggest bandwagon problem out of all the professional leagues. Can Melo win a title in New York? Of course he can, especially with Phil Jackson in the mix. WIll it be easy? Absolutely not, but don't count this man out so early.