Hype Season

The NBA Free Agency is nothing but hype and has become a major spectacle. Thanks to the media, fans have become accustomed to rumors and nonsense during this period of the NBA calendar year. Every summer names like Chris Broussard pop up on our news feed with play-by-play of what the big free agents are doing. Whether it be who they are meeting with or what kind of sandwich they had today, their job is to inform us about everything. At Fan-i Sports, we try to stay away from the rumors and speculations, and instead let things play out before we share our opinions on the matter. So now that two of the biggest stars have decided their "homes", lets discuss it. 

In Lebron's SI article, he shocked the world by announcing his return to Cleveland. Now we all remember what happened 4 years ago and how his departure went; a lot of angry fans and jersey burning. Cavs' owner, Dan Gilbert, even went on a memorable tirade about how the Cavs organization will be better off without LBJ. Well 4 years later I guess all is well with all parties. For the city of Cleveland, this is great financially because the heart of their city will be buzzing again like it was back in 2006. With LeBron James and Johnny Manziel apart of Cleveland sports, they are going to be the hottest sports city in the country. 

 I guess it's time to burn all of this stuff now. ( Amy Sancetta/AP)

I guess it's time to burn all of this stuff now. (Amy Sancetta/AP)

Unlike most people though I'm not buying this. While everyone else is praising him for his return, I personally don't respect it. Throughout that article, LeBron expresses how much he missed the city, how much it raised him, and how he want to bring a title to the town and I'm sitting there reading it like "WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE".  If Northern Ohio was so important to Bronny, he would have never left 4 years ago. He turned his back on the city to go win titles and now that he got his rings, he wants to bring a title to the city that still hasn't won anything since the 1960s. I don't respect that. I really don't respect it because it doesn't seem genuine. This is nothing but a move to clean up his image. 

And so far, it's working.

Everybody has expressed how this is great of Bronny and I think they are full of **** too. The same people that are praising him for returning were the same ones praising him for leaving. Even his fans are full of ****. Just last month everyone was a Heat fan, today, 70% of the country are Cavalier fans again. It's pathetic, never was riding the bandwagon acceptable. If LeBron is your favorite player, cool, but don't jump ship every time he jump ship. I don't know who I have less respect for LeBron or his "die-hard" fans. 

And the most important reason why I don't believe Mr. James is being genuine, is his contract. Instead of signing a long-term deal to show people he is really there for the city, he signs a 2 year deal that allows him to opt out next summer. The reasoning behind this is because after the 2016-17 season, max contracts will increase because of the new TV deal in the collective bargaining agreement. Everyone wants to say it's "business" which is always understandable but that sentimental heart-warming letter he wrote to the city of Cleveland, said nothing about "business". 

 The "Heatles" are no more. It was fun while it lasted.( John Parra/WireImage)

The "Heatles" are no more. It was fun while it lasted.(John Parra/WireImage)

According to "sources" Bronny is fully committed to the Cavs longterm. Once again, "WE DONT BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE". Bronny has already showed that he can not be trusted, so why would you trust him to not opt out again? When he signed his 6-year deal with the Heat, that allowed him to opt out after 4 years, he did just that in 4 years. What Bronny and the media are trying to sell us about how this is a "smart move", I'm not buying. If this man is really there for the long haul he would have signed a 5 or 6 year deal, not a 2 year deal that allows him to opt out after one. A part of me wants to believe that he won't leave his city again but he hasn't shown me a reason to trust that he won't. 

As for whether or not they will win a title, I think that is a little far fetched. Everyone seems to think with Bronny, they are an automatic contender and to them I say, BOSH or WADE didn't go to Cleveland with him. This is Bronny by his self again, yes he has Kyrie and a talented Waiters, but that's it. And this two year contract doesn't give me confidence that they will get another big star to come there because at the end of the day, how can you trust that he will stay. Look at how he just did his so called "brothers" D-Wade and Bosh. Both opted out of their contracts so that Bronny could get the max deal, while they take pay cuts and what did he do?

The Cavs without question will be a playoff team but I don't see them as championship caliber. They have a much worse roster than the same Heat team that loss 3 games by 20 in the Finals last month, not to mention, a rookie head coach. The only way I will believe Bronny will be in this for the long run is when the long run is over. Unfortunately we will be going through this next summer.