UFC FIGHT NIGHT 93 Predictions

As a MMA fan, I have to say that although I hate the fact that fighters fight so much, UFC Fight Night from an entertainment perspective is a great idea. Lately, there have been some absolute gems on free television and UFC Fight Night 93 is no exception. Even though UFC 203 is around the corner, the UFC have really put there foot into it when making the UFC Fight Night 93 card. Fight fans who are tuning in this Saturday have fights with intrigue, fights with ranking implications and the interesting matchups. Here’s Fan-I Sports’ breakdown of UFC fight night 93’s main card.

Sergeant” Nick Hein vs “The Korean Cowboy” Tae Hyun Bang

The hardcore fan will know these two as “middle of the road” fighters, although both are going in different directions. While Bang is 2-2 in his UFC career, Hein is trending upward with 3 wins in his last 4. Still this is a major test for Hein as Bang’s grappling is no joke. I envision this to be a style measuring contest of Judo vs wrestling but both are not afraid to, pardon the pun… bang. It is actually a wonder why Hein does not attempt more takedowns, regardless /Hein should pass this test and come out the victor.

  • Prediction: Hein wins by unanimous decision 


Ryan “Darth” Bader vs Ilir “The Sledgehammer” Latafi

Ryan Bader right now is know as the guy who is a good light heavyweight but is not good enough to win the big one. It is not fair as his two most recent losses have come three years apart against fighters who are in the top three of the light heavyweight division rankings right now, however it is life. Bader needs a win in the worst way if he wants the title shot that has eluded him in his career and I think he will get it. Ilir Latafi is good but unfortunately not good enough. I think Bader will actually abandon his world class wrestling in this fight and it will go to his favour. His superior striking and reach will pick Latafi apart.

  • Prediction: Bader wins by unanimous decision



Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson vs Jan Blachowicz

No disrespect to Blachowicz but I fully expect Gustafsson to win. I know Gustafson has lost two straight and three of his last four but when those loses are against Jon Jones, Anthony Johnson and Daniel Cormier, I am willing to give Gustafsson a pass. Two reasons why: first, Gustafsson was fighting some of the best fighters of this generation, and secondly, in the case of his fights with Jones and Cormier, you could make the argument that he won those fights. Fact is Gustafsson is better than Blachowicz and should win.

  • Prediction: Gustafsson wins by 2nd round KOTKO 


Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski vs Josh “The Warmaster” Barnett

Both Andrei Arlovski and Josh Barnett need wins, both lacking momentum coming in to this fight. Arlovski has lost two straight after being on a roll and Barnett is coming off a submission loss to Ben Rothwell. It looks as if Arlovski is showing signs of not being able to take punches from the big heavyweights anymore; he didn't have the greatest chin to being with. However, Barnett is simply too slow too be able to hang with Arlovski and I think that Arlovski will pull off the upset.

  • Prediction: Arlovski wins by 3rd round KO/TKO
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