Denton Daley wins Commonwealth title with KO

TORONTO, ONTARIO –- If you were not at the Masonic Temple on September 9th 2016 or at the very least watching the pay-per-view of the event, then to say you missed a lot is an understatement. It all started with a plan to have Global Legacy Boxing have a title fight in Toronto once again. Thus Les Woods, Lennox Lewis and the rest of Global Legacy Boxing set up a fight between Toronto’s “Dangerous” Denton Daley and Montreal’s Sylvera “Sly” Louis. Global legacy boxing promised an event that would deliver and it did. These two boxers went after it and were hitting each other with everything they got.

In the end Denton Daley hit a picture perfect knockout on Louis in the 9th round to win the Commonwealth British Empire Cruiserweight Championship.

“Denton and Sly put on a hell of a show” said Les Woods, who was blown away by both Louis and Daley’s performance. However Woods was not surprised that this fight not only meet expectations; it exceeded those expectations.

“We knew Sly was going to come in ready. He is an ultimate professional and he has done it before… That’s how he won his title, he beat Didier Bence here in 2014. So Denton knew exactly what he had to do to win this fight and he did.”

In the press conference leading up to the fight, Daley said he was going to knock Louis’s head clean off and he nearly did. Daley had the disadvantage in length but chopped the big man down with shots to the body and hit a thunderous right hook in the 9th round that Louis just could not recover from. There were many stars in the crowd who were impressed by Daley’s victory and one of them was track and field legend, Donovan Bailey.

“I’m standing here with Lennox (Lewis) watching this and watching Denton (Daley) produce. I mean this is just the start for him and it is very clear that tonight, winning the commonwealth championship, the sky’s the limit. I want to be attending every single fight until he unifies all the belts.”

An underlying theme of the event was the success of all the Canadians. Every fighter that has their training camp in Canada won their fight. The Ontarians in particular were absolutely phenomenal. Denton Daley, Michael Brandon and Sandy “Lil Tyson” Tsagouris were all victorious. Brandon showed his heart when he unfortunately hurt his shoulder in the 3rd round but went on to win his fight against Alex Ebanks. There is no word yet on how serious the shoulder injury is for Brandon.

“Sandy had a tough fight tonight, third ranked in the world, she was fighting a veteran (Galina Koleva Ivanova) who was a world champion previously, Sandy showed… so Sandy is in line for a world title now.” Les Woods commenting on "Lil Tyson" performance 

With such a great night for Canadian boxing now behind them, Global Legacy Boxing now has some work to do to figure out what is next. Even though that is a tough task, Les Woods and Lennox Lewis have a clear vision on what is next for Denton Daley and Global Legacy as a whole.

“Denton’s on his way now to a world title fight. We’re going to be fighting either (Beibut) Shumenov or Tony Bellew sometime later in the year.” said Les Woods when talking about what would be Daley’s next fight.

As for Global legacy themselves, both Les Woods and Lennox Lewis made it clear that they intend to grow the brand so that not only will Canadian fighters train with them but fighters will come to Canada to seek Global Legacy Boxing.

“We created Global Legacy so that we can be a true force to be reckoned with.” Said Lennox Lewis when asked about the future plans for Global Legacy boxing. All in all it was a great night for Canadian boxing and boxing fans should definitely be on the lookout for the next event in Canada.