Ballon D'or


Now when you see this chart, two things are evident. One it's a chart with numbers and two Christiano Ronaldo was statistically the best player in the world this year. That is why today he won the Player of the Year award aka the Ballon D'or. Now I am an avid supporter of Messi (mostly cause Ronaldo comes off as arrogant) but there is no denying he was the best and then some this season partly because Messi was injured but I'm not throwing any stones at a guy who scored 66 goals this year.


From the numbers he was the best this year leading players in Minutes played and Goals and even though you may not like him he clearly did his thing this season. Granted, Messi wasn't healthy this year and suffered injuries but sometimes that's the way it goes. What's even more interesting is that he is peaking at the absolute right time for Portugal. It is not secret that this summer will belong to FIFA because the 2014 cup will be right around the corner and much to my dismay (I'm a Ghana Blackstars supporter) and the dismay of Americans, a good Ronaldo equals a tougher world cup for everyone whose in that group.

Group D





Based on this season, something tells me Ronaldo is gearing up for a world cup to add to his already impressive resume. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, follow us on Twitter @FanISports, follow us on instagram @FanISports and like us on Facebook Fan-I-Sports.

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