Throwback Thursday: Mars Blackmon

Mars Blackmon is possibly one of the illest characters ever. For those who don't know, Mars Blackmon was a character in the movie "She Gotta Have It" played by Spike Lee. Mars was a Brooklyn bred, die-hard Knicks Fan and sports fanatic. The name Mars came from his Grandmother after Spike ask her for a name for the character. Mars was the name of his Grandmother's Grandfather. But Mars was also apart of some of the greatest marketing ever.

Mars was the pitch man for Nike, advertising Air Jordans. Mars was apart of the 3's, 4's, 5's, 6's, 18's, and XX's ad campaigns. Mars and Jordan chemistry on screen was like butter and biscuits. Mars would always try to figure out what it was that allowed Jordan, who he always called "Money", to do what he did but would always lead to the question; Is it the Shoes?

And remember at that time Jordan wasn't Jordan yet, The legend was just beginning. Mars was famous for his witty wordplay and clever scenarios trying to figure out Is it the Shoes? 

Mars was a staple, in my opinion, in the most influential era ever. Sneakerheads everywhere has Mars' DNA in their style. Mars was also the influence of other marketing characters like "Lil Penny" and "The Lebrons". Now 28 years later, Mars aka Spike Lee still rock his J's and even has his own shoe, "Spizikes". Still to this day, we have to ask the question "Is it the shoes?"