Revisiting the BioSteel All-Canadian Game

The 2016 Biosteel All Canadian Game was a huge success. For most of the assembled mass at the Goldring Centre, they witnessed a hard fought game that the best high school Canadian Basketball players had to offer. From O’Shea Brissett to Javon Blair to Kalif Young and beyond, basketball fans got to witness that Canadians can play ball too.

Funny thing was that this game was close. It came down to the wire and in the end free throws were the difference. For me, this is the only time I can remember where an all-star game was played so hard that it came down to free throws.

However, there was something more to the 2016 Biosteel All Canadian Game than just a good game with talented players. Personally, it brought a feeling of pride. I have talked about this Vision; where Canadian basketball players can stay in Canada and make their hoop dreams come true. The basketball players who put on those Biosteel jerseys and played to the point where those jerseys were being damaged, those players can proudly say that they are pioneers. They are pioneers of this vision and each of these student athletes are paving the way for the next generation.

Thanks to our photographer Jessica Habkirk: fans, family, players and coaches can relive those moments with a gallery of the event. Who knows, one day these student athletes can show their kids these photos of them in the game.