Patterson escapes Edmondson with 58-47 Win

“When you get a lead, you're never as good as that lead,”

Those were the words from Patterson head coach, Harry Martin, after his Clippers escaped out of Edmondson's gym with a 58-47 victory extending their record to 7-3.

The lead coach Martin was speaking of was a 40-16 halftime advantage they had over the Red Storm. The Clippers came out gunning early, going on a 15-5 run in the first 4 minutes of the game. Edmondson struggled to find points inside or on the perimeter, while Patterson turned the game into a track meet, setting up countless fast break opportunities. The Red Storm weren't able to create any second chance opportunities, and if they did grab an offensive rebound, they weren't able to put the ball in the basket.

Todd Closson was big part in that huge lead for the Clippers, scoring 12 points in the first half, finishing with a total of 17. Whether he was spotting up on the three point line or attacking the basket, Closson gave the Clippers good offensive minutes that essentially opened the floodgates.

“We thought coming in that it would be a Baltimore City grind it out kind of game,” Martin said. “The 2nd half is [an example] of how we've been playing [this season], so I was real surprise after the first half.

Edmondson went on a 5-0 run to open up the third quarter, cutting the deficit to 19. A major turning point occurred midway through the quarter when the scorers table had a discrepancy with Edmondson's total points. The Clippers still had a large lead but it generated some momentum for the Red Storm for the remainder of the second half.

As the quarter progressed, the Red Storm used the “chippiness” to their advantage, which got the crowd into the game. The Red Storm outscored the Clippers 21-4 in the third quarter and went on a 10*-0 run in the final 90 seconds.

Dasmond Brown and Demetrius Haskins led the offensive attack for the Red Storm combining for 12 points in the second half. Brown controlled the paint on the defensive end while the guards up top forced a few turnovers, exposing the Clippers shaky guard play.

The fourth quarter is where the Clippers regained their composure and held on to the lead. Edmondson cut the lead to as low as 45-49 but the Clippers didn't fold under pressure despite playing sloppy with the ball. It was interesting to see Patterson not take advantage of the no shot clock and milk the game clock for the rest of the quarter but he let it be known that they don't have that luxury.

“We don't have any ball-handlers to milk the clock,” he said. “In the past we had good guards but it's tough on the high school level to hold the ball. We were in a double bonus [and] I would rather be in attack mode until the final horn.”

The Clippers finished with the game on a 9-2 run holding off the Red Storm comeback attempt. The Clipper have two big games ahead of them as they take on Wesleyan Christian(NC) and Imotep(PA) in the coveted Basketball Academy Friday and Saturday.