Bullis knock off Avalon 36-18

POTOMAC, MD -– Second week in a row, the Fan-I crew made it's way to the beautiful campus of Bullis School, catching the Bulldogs play the Black Knights of The Avalon School.

Bullis last week took on Woodberry Forest School in a classic shootout, but was on the losing end of the 66-65 thriller. This week, the Bulldogs scored 20-points in the second half to walk away with a 36-18 victory.

The game was much closer than what the score details. At halftime, Bullis (1-2) led 17-12. Avalon (3-3) would take the lead but back-to-back touchdowns by the Bulldogs gave Bullis a 30-18 lead heading into the 4th quarter.

Bullis's defense had much better performance than their outing against Woodberry Forest. They forced 6 turnovers, 4 of which being interceptions. Avalon had their flashes with their dazzling speed, impressing many of the Bullis supporters on the sideline, but going 1-8 on third down conversions left them with broken drives.

Andres Lopez left the game early in the fourth quarter with an apparent rib injury. Lopez rushed for 87 yards and touchdown.

Avalon didn't have much of an offensive presence. Jaron Woodyard rushed for 54 yards on 6 carries. I'm not sure why the Avalon coaching staff didn't feed Woodyard more because Bullis struggled to handle his speed and agility.

Trevon Diggs didn't have much of a game on the offensive end. Like the team, he did have his flashes; two big punt returns and a smooth 24-yard reception. Diggs went from 0-60 three times during that reception going from one side of the field to the other with the three stop-n-go cuts.

Avalon's turnovers were the main reason why they lost this game but despite that, they played very good on defense. They held the future Terp, Dwayne Haskins Jr., to under 150 yards passing yards and 0 touchdowns. On average, Bullis started on their own 46 yard, essentially the middle of the field, but still was 2-14 on third down conversions.

Haskins still made plays, rushing for 86 yards on 10 carries. He wanted to have a better passing performance, but as a quarterback he still had a good game. On the Bulldogs first drive of the second half, Haskins Jr. rushed the ball 5 times for 59 yards, setting up Lopez touchdown from the 2-yard line. I joke with Haskins after the game, telling him, “You got your Mike Vick on tonight,” he cracked a smile and shook his head.

 (Jah Dixon/Fan-i Sports)

(Jah Dixon/Fan-i Sports)

Both Haskins and Diggs gave me entertaining performances, even having some one-on-one moments on the sideline, lowering their shoulders like butting rams; you don't see that type of battles between a star quarterback and conerback. I would love to see these two as teammates at College Park but the competition they had on the field was very entertaining – to go along with their good friendship.

Bullis will look to win their second game of the season against Friendship Collegiate at Anacostia High School in Southeast D.C.

Avalon will try to even their 2-3 record against the tough Woodberry Forest School in Virginia.