DMV Elite Extravaganza

I attended DMV Elite's Extravaganza event this past weekend, which showcased the best unsigned Seniors on Saturday and Underclassmen on Sunday. This was my first time attending an event thrown by DMV Elite, and I can honestly say that I was more than impressed with the end product. For one, they are providing opportunities for young hoopers that are very talented but just need some extra exposure. Also, the talent level that was in the gym was grade A, especially in the Senior Showcase on Saturday, definitely a good bump. Click on a name to listen to interviews from the three players I was most impressed with from the Senior Showcase. Jason Jolly, Doyin Fadojutimi, Will Robinson

Marcus Helton is the editor-in-chief and face of DMV Elite, but he has great team that is propelling this brand to the top of amateur youth and high school athletics in Maryland and Virginia, but others from outside the DMV are starting to notice their work. A total of 12 players from outside of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area participated this weekend, 8 of which were in the Senior Showcase. One in particular that I will remember is Maurice Butler from North Carolina. Butler's mom made it her business to go and introduce herself to every college coach in the building, also taking down their information. At events like this, where the talent pool is deep, sometimes a player can go overlooked, and Butler's mom made sure everyone knew who her son was which was the highlight of the day for me. 

In Sunday's Premier Run, that showcased underclassmen, Jahlil Jenkins from West Virginia walked away with the MVP honors. Unfortunately, I could not stay for the entire day but I did get a chance to watch a few games, Jahlil playing in one of them. I'm not surprised to see him crowned MVP, one because he played on St. Frances head coach, Nick Myles' team, and he could attack the rack very well. His handles are on point, and he showed some great willingness to play defense, along with the rest of coach Nick squad. I will have to keep tabs on this kid because he can surely play, follow him on twitter @kinglil10

This kid reminded me of Jeff Teague for the Hawks just because of his style of play and body frame. He was one of the more talented play-makers I seen all weekend with his passes and dribbling ability. Follow him on twitter @PointGodd_5

By time Koran enters his senior year, I think he will be one of the best players in Maryland.  Going into his junior year, he has so much potential to be great, only if he wants to be, but attending events like this is heading in the right direction though. He was definitely the biggest kid on the court today, and he played like it, defending the paint with some nice shot blocking. Once his game matures and he becomes more aggressive, he is going to be a problem. 

This was one of the best games of the weekend and you can see why. For the first half of the game, Will and Doyin was trading buckets, the only bad part was they didn't guard each other. This game was just an example of how many good players were in the gym at the same time. 

I didn't know what to expect since this was my first time attending one of their events, but once I walked in the gym and seen how hard everyone was playing on all three courts, I knew it would be a great day. And most importantly, it gave kids an opportunity to fulfill their dreams of playing college ball. I couldn't even tell you exactly how many college coaches were there but it was plenty of them from D1 to JUCO level. 

What I was disappointed about was the fact that not many colleges from Maryland was there. Coppin State, Morgan State, Frostburg State, Howard University, UMBC, UMES, or Towson was not in attendance, and I can't understand why. None of these schools won more than 20 games and three won less than 10 (Coppin, Morgan, UMBC). Coppin and Morgan really disappoints me because they have a roster full of out-of-state kids when they are in the heart of a melting pot for college basketball recruiting. I really would like to know what these schools are looking for because I seen a few dudes that could give them some help.