A-Rod's Nightmare Ending

Alex Rodriguez had called for a somewhat emergency press conference. Many baseball fans thought this press conference was rather predictable as the warning signs were clearly there.

He was going to retire.

Rodriguez at 41-years young was having a very down year. A-Rod had only 9 home runs and 29 RBI and averaged an abysmal .204 in 216 at bats. This was an especially bad year when one takes into account that the one known as A-Rod had a great comeback just a season ago. In 2015, he had 33 home runs, 86 RBIs and a batting average of .250. Rodriguez's 2015 stats basically told his doubters to "shove it" because he can still play and prove that the PEDs did make him.

Such a drop off so quick is a pattern that is common but always shocking. Thus, the expectation for myself was that A-Rod was going to announce that he will retire at the end of the season. I thought this because I did not think Alex Rodriguez would allow himself to be released and the organization would respect his wishes enough to let him call it a career at the end the season. This will mean that Rodriguez would most likely get the retirement tour, the gifts, the tribute videos and even though statistically A-Rod was terrible this year, he will be afforded the chance to ride off in the sunset, but after a stunning turn of events, A-Rod did not do that.

The Yankees desperately wanted to release Rodriguez in an attempt to rebuild the Bronx Bombers and A-Rod relented. A teary-eyed Alex Rodriguez sat in front of the assembled media and as a consummate professional informed the media that August 7th matchip against  would be his last game. Rodriguez did reveal that the decision came due to pressure from the front office, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports 

Rodriguez, in an exclusive interview with Fox Sports, said that the Yankees agreed to play him at designated hitter on Friday after the team returns from a three-game series in Boston. He then will be released, collecting the balance of his guaranteed $20 million salary this season and his entire guaranteed $20 million salary next season
— Ken Rosenthal via Foxsports.com

Alex Rodriguez after Friday will remain with the Yankees as an instructor and special advisor which signals that the relationship between the two sides is cordial. Regardless this move is still shocking. It's not shocking because of Rodriguez being released, but the way Alex Rodriguez took it.  Alex Rodriguez on television and radio usually came across as fake, self absorbed and at times a bit of a sociopath. However, during the press conference he was professional, genuine and had resembled the attitude of a broken man. It was actually quite sad to see that he admitted that it wasn't his decision but he will go along with it or that he didn't get his retirement tour. Granted the Yankees are rebuilding and his reputation amongst fans is a mixed bag of positive and negative reviews, but is it not a rough way for a great player to go out? 

There are many cringe worthy things in sports and seeing an athlete being kicked while he or she is down is one of them. This situation resembles a down man (Rodriguez) being kicked by an organization that have been trying to rid themselves of Rodriguez for years. With that being said, releasing Rodriguez is the smart move to free up a roster spot for someone who can actually contribute for Yankees in the future. 

Regardless of the opinions of the logistics of his release, the fact remains that Alex Rodriguez is retiring and his game is Friday last game. What is your opinion of Alex Rodriguez?