Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson accused of Sexual Harrasment, denies claims

LOS ANGELES -- Yesterday it was reported that the Lakers were currently investigating a situation that occurred off the court. Two women have accused Los Angeles Laker's guards Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson of sexual harassment.

According to Baxter Holmes of, “Lakers spokesman John Black told ESPN on Monday that the team takes this matter "very seriously" and is looking into it but does not have any further comment at this time.”

The incident reportedly took place around 7:30 pm on Sunday. A woman and her mother stopped their vehicle at an intersection, when four men in a jeep made “vulgar, sexual gestures” towards the two females. What those four men probably had no clue is that one of the two women is Alexis Jones, the co-founder of the nonprofit I AM THAT GIRL. I AM THAT GIRL aims to empower woman, and interestingly enough Jones was working with the NBA on putting together an initiative.

The irony is I created a program called ‘ProtectHer’ out of the urgency to address sexual abuse in athletics, and I was on phone calls with the NBA as of Friday talking with them about integrating this message and this program into the NBA
— Alexis Jones

And to top all off, there were pictures and two of the four men were none other then Los Angeles Lakers Jordan Clarkson and Nick Young.

Young has since denied that he and Clarkson sexually harassed the two women and was pretty vocal on twitter. The Lakers are currently investigating and it will be interesting what facts will come out. Not just for the sake of the two Laker players’ careers but from the NBA stance on sexual abuse going forward. A program to address sexual abuse in all professional sports leagues is a great idea; however, if any facts come out discrediting Alexis Jones then by collateral damage that progress might be seriously derailed.