Trailer for Will Smith's new movie "Concussion" released before NFL Season

The NFL seems to always stay at the top of sports headlines, even when it brings negative attention to the $9 Billion corporation.

With only 10 days remaining before the start of the NFL season, a trailer for the movie “Concussion” starring mega-actor, Will Smith, was released and it doesn't shed a good light of the National Football League.


While still in the middle of trying to clean up the domestic violence issues going through the league, the NFL will now have to answer more questions about their product of football and it's relations to concussions once this movie hits the box office.

“Concussion” will depict the struggles of Dr. Bennet Omalu while trying to expose to the world his discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy (CTE), caused from head trauma and repeated blows to the head, which is more than common in the sport of football.

Former NFL players such as Junior Seau, Ollie Matson, Mike Webster, and John Mackey have show signs of CTE after an autopsy. Players like Seau and former Bears wide reciever, Dave Duerson, committed suicide with self-inflicting gun wounds to the chest in order for their brain to used for studies.

Jovan Belcher also showed signs of CTE after he killed his girlfriend and mother of his 3-month old daughter before killing himself at the Cheifs' practice facility.

The NFL just recently settled with over 5,000 former player with concussion related injuries for over $900 billion.

What I love most about the trailer, is that it's not an attack on the sport of football. The main hashtag for the move is #ForTheGame. What this is attacking is the corporation that is the NFL. For decades, the NFL have tried to hide these concussions from players but because of Dr. Omalu, reports have came out about the NFL's dirty ways.

The NFL has since tried to change their concussion policies, even trying to change the way the game is played, which as a fan has made me unhappy. I don't think we will be able to stop concussion; as long as there is helmets, there will be concussions. What I do think should happen is the NFL should take better care of these players after they retire.

This could be a potential grammy-winning role for Will Smith, not only because of the role but also the timing of the movie. A part of me feel like the NFL already knew the trailer was going to release before the beginning of the season. There is no such thing as bad press for the NFL because all press is good press.