Beginning of the End

A lot of people around the world have been convinced that FIFA is a shady organization. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that 99% of people know FIFA is shady but cannot prove it. Because their eyebrow raising business deals, rewarding the World Cup to countries who clearly aren't deserving of it, and recent sightings of poor working conditions in Qatar that has lead many people to believe that FIFA is simply a terrible organization with terrible people running it. 

However, there is one thing that makes everyone, including myself, blind to the alleged corruption of FIFA, and that is the World Cup. As much as people cheer for morality, they cheer even louder for the World Cup. Every four years the best players in the world represent their country with pride in a soccer tournament that has grown into the biggest sporting event ever (sorry Olympics). However, it looks like some high ranking FIFA executives will not be joining the rest of the world in the latest installment of the World Cup. On the morning of Wednesday May 27 in Switzerland, many high ranking FIFA executives were arrested for quote-unquote "corruption charges". 

This doesn't come as a big shock as to why the executives are actually being arrested. Everyone who has been following FIFA in the last 10-15 years have seen that the world is slowing seeing the organization in a bad light. I don't think anyone predicted that FIFA executives would be pulled out of their hotel rooms and arrested. 

What Fan-I Sports knows is that Swiss Police officers in civilian clothing arrested the executives. These charges include money laundering, wire fraud, etc. This scandal will also name some sports-marketing executives from the United states and South America who have been accused of paying $150 million in Bribe money. The names of the sports marketing executives expected to be charged include Alejandro Burzaco, Aaron Davidson, Hugo Jinkis and Mariano Jinkis. And also, the charges are backed by the FBI. 

 Top FIFA officials being covered by white sheets after being taking into custody by the Swiss Police. (

Top FIFA officials being covered by white sheets after being taking into custody by the Swiss Police. (

In all this, it is quite perplexing as to the timing of this. The arrests of the executives came out of nowhere. To be quite honest, officers would've arrested every high ranking FIFA official a long time ago if these charges were based on circumstantial evidence. In my mind, the FBI has some pretty concrete evidence if they are part of this investigation. Also these chargers do not name Sepp Blatter among the executives who were charged. It would be expected that Blatter will  cooperate, but it would not be surprising if he doesn't or put the administrative roadblocks up. 

The thing that is really very important in all this is the state of the World Cup when the investigation is all said and done. The World Cup's health will depend on the reaction to this scandal. So far, we are seeing less and less countries bid for the Olympics due to the IOC'S dwindling reputation and we as sports fans might be witnessing the beginning of the same thing happening to the World Cup. One thing is for sure, this situation right now is the stuff that a director will make a 30 for 30 on.