Defense Wins...........

Another great NBA Playoff game to go into the archives, Warriors walking away with 99-98 win in game 2. So the far the matchup between MVP vs. Runner-up has been a great one. In two games Steph Curry and James Harden has combined for 133 points but Steph has walked away the victor both games. 

It's funny that both teams and players are known for their stellar offense but a defensive play won the game. James Harden had the ball in his hands for the final possession of the game, with 6 seconds left but a perfect trap by Steph and Klay didn't allow Harden to get up a shot, instead turning it over. It was a smart defensive play by Steph, coming to support Klay on the left side, leaving Harden with no where to go. Plays like this are defining moments in the playoffs, especially when they involve the leagues MVP. 

Similar to game 1, this was a very exciting game, just with a better ending. In Game 1, the Warrriors came back from a 15+ deficit, but this time the Rockets were the ones who went on a 23-6 run in the final 7 minutes of the second half, Harden scoring 12 of the 23. 

Harden dropped 38, with 10 boards and 9 dimes, flirting with a triple-double once again. Steph scored 30+ for the second time this series, 33 points and 6 dimes. It was fun watching these two duel it out, especially in the 4th quarter. Harden scored 12 points but Steph had 6 points and the biggest steal of the game. 

3 of the Warriors 5 starters finished with a negative in the +/-, which is why I hate that stat. Klay Thompson finished with a -13, only scoring 13 points, 6-15 from the field, but he had the least turnovers out of the starting 5 and did a good job defending James Harden, yet he has worse rating. Draymond Green almost finished with a triple-double, 12 points, 8 boards, 7 dimes, and was the brains on the floor for the Warriors, making some intelligent plays in the second half but he finished with a -10. And Steph Curry who finished shooting 61% from the field and 45% from the 3-point line, finished with a -7. I don't understand. 

I hope this series goes 7 games because it has been very entertaining. Even though the Rockets are the lower seed, they have the more postseason experienced team. James Harden, Dwight Howard, Trevor Ariza, and Jason Terry have Finals experience, while the Warriors have 0. Leonardo Barbosa is the only player on the Warriors squad to play in the Western Conference Finals, back with the Suns earlier in his career.