Fans of LeBron James are always quick to call someone who is not a fan of LBJ a “hater”. You would think it's against the law to be critical of what some would consider “The Greatest player of All-Time”. I still think LBJ will not be able to reach that pinnacle but that's for another discussion. For now let's give him his props for stepping up at the right time.

Thanks to that beautiful game winner, the Cavaliers will head back to Cleveland with home court advantage back on their side. This was an ugly game to watch, Cavs winning 86-84. Both teams shot less than 40% from the field, Bulls 36% and Cavs 38%. You could argue that both teams were playing defense but I would say they were just missing shots and layups more than anything. It turned out to be a good ending though, similar to Friday's game when D-Rose hit his game winner.

LeBron had a rough night, 10-30 from the field with 8 turnovers but he did have a 25 points, 14 boards, and 8 dimes. The game winner came at the right time because LBJ had two questionable charges called on him, that gave the Bulls possessions. LBJ on the play before his game winner, he had his shot blocked out of bounds by Nikola Mirotic, which made the refs go review the play to reset the time, which gave the Cavs time to come up with a play. LBJ said that coach Blatt drew up a play that had him in-bounding the ball but he took matters into his own hands.

People want to make a story of this but it's no story. Bronny did what he was supposed to do as the leader of the team. He knew that he had to win this game for the Cavs because he would definitely have been the blame if they loss. Star players have the luxury of changing plays, especially if they're the best player on the planet. And shout-out to David Blatt for not getting in the way of greatness. Allowing your star player to be great without intruding, sometimes is good coaching. So please people, do not fall into the trap that the media is trying to sell you, and this is coming from a “LeBron Hater”.