Klitschko retains title

On April 25, 2015 fans congregated in New York City’s Madison Square Garden to witness a championship heavyweight bout between, United States contender, Bryant Jennings and, current world champ, Ukraine’s Wladimir Klitschko.

In the opening rounds, Klitschko begins keeping Jennings at bay with long jabs peppered with an occasional right hand to some success.  With Klitschko pressing on as the aggressor in the fight, Jennings continues to block and slip some of Klitchko’s jabs, yet still remaining conservative in providing any offensive of his own.  

In round three, Jennings begins to let his hands go more freely against Klitschko who’s now beginning to clinch more to neutralize Jennings offensive.  While Klitschko continues to measure Jennings with the jab up top, Jennings begins throwing more punches to the body of the champ, particularly in the clinch.  These body shots begin to put the champ off rhythm a bit but he still manages to maintain composure and successfully finish the round.

Klitschko’s offense led on in the following rounds, throwing jabs and straights that begin to penetrate the guard of Jennings.  Jennings however continues to walk through the champ’s punches, at some points even dropping his hands and verbally taunting the champ. 

Klitschko continues to make Jennings offense limited by clinching at every defensive opportunity that he is afforded and is warned of a point deduction by referee Michael Griffin in round 5. Jennings continues as the aggressor of the two but is yet to truly capitalize on a big opportunity in the midst of releasing more power in his punches.  Landing more and more body shots in the clinch, Jennings is tiring out the larger Klitschko.  Nevertheless, Klitschko never becomes reluctant to lead the fight with his longer jabs and measuring the contender up for power punches, though not to much damaging avail.

Klitschko is cut under the left eye and warned again for excessive holding in round 9 as Jennings continues to chop away at the body.  In the following round, the referee had seen enough and paused the fight to penalize the champ with a one-point deduction on judges’ the scorecards.  Upon having the point removed Jennings rushes back to the inside with more body shots inside the clinch.  Klitchko continued to pepper Jennings with jabs and drilling straight right hands.

In the final rounds, Jennings, behind on the scorecards, feels the fire under him to knockout the champ but is neutralized with a very heavy straight right hand by the champ that appears to make Jennings second guess his own offense for the remainder of the fight.  

The champion Wladimir Klitchko, while arguably tested by a relative new comer to the sport, was rewarded a not so easy unanimous decision.  Jennings may have revealed something to the world about Klitschko, leading the majority of his offensive with body blows as well as his own athleticism and titanium chin.

Round 1
Klitchko came in aggressive trying plant feet to se off jab. Jennings is more conservative in throwing punches. Neither fighter lands much. Klitchko starts throwing more combos in the final minute with a heavy straight right that sticks.  Though not an effective round for either fighter, Klitchko wins as the aggressor.

Round 2
Klitchko begins the round throwing jabs and becomes more effective than in the prior round and at a moment getting Jeninings on the ropes.  Jennings is still conservative , but releasing the jab a bit less reluctantly.  Jennings begins mixing in straights and left hooks with the jab but still lacks effectiveness, but is growing more aggressive as the round closes. Klichko wins

Round 3
Jennings starts off the round very aggressively, throwing heavy body chops in the clutch and showing more controlled rough housing in the opening minute.  Head movement is keeping klitchko at bay. Jennings is throwing more punches in the clinch and throwing more body jabs.  In the final minute klitchko is throwing the jab but isn’t backing Jennings up as he walks through keeping klitchko off rhythym. Jennings wins

Round 4
Klitchko  begins the round with very successful jabs and holds. Jennings begins the round throwing lariats and bosy shots.  Hes keeping his hands moving on the inside and is appearing to wear klitchko down.  Klitchko is throwing jabs to not much success as well as cross right hands. Jennings  is making the crosses not a factor in Klitchko’s arsenal. Jennings wins.

Round 5
Klitchko is warned that the ref will take a point for holding.  Klitchko keeps holdin as he’s getting tired but lands a very successful jab straight combo.  Jennings continues to press forward.  Jrnnings lands a very heavy left lead hook. Jennings takes another jab straight combo, Jennings drops hands as to say his power means nothing,  Jennings continues to punch to the body in the clinch. Klitchko’s jabs controlled the round. Klitchko wins

Round 6
Klitchko begins with very effective jabbing. Jennings continues his shots to the body with mixed success. As he takes jabs from klitchko.  Jennings is throwing jabs and shots to the body, but also appears to be slowing down as well as he continues to step in and step out as he lands a heavy overhand right over a jab..  Jennings wins the round

Round 7
Jennings begins the round on the ropes neutralizing Klitchko’s offense. Jennings begins to assume the aggressive position.   Jennings is talking to Klitchko in the fight and landing body shots and over hand rights in the clinch as Klitchko tries to press forward.  Jennings begins to frustrate Klitcho in this round with footwork, head movement and show boating to rile Klitchko up.Klitchko was very reluctant to let his hands go.  Jennings wins.

Round 8
Klitchko and  Jennings exchange  left hooks and klitchko breaks the guard ojennings with a straight right.  Jennings is still throwing bodyshots in the clinch.  Wlad is letting his hands go a bit more, but the body shots are appearing to slow him down as he misses on a power left hook.  Klitchko wins the round.

Round 9
Jennings is pressing forward in the beginning of the round. The ref Michael griffin warns klitchko that he’ll wtake a point if he  holds again. Jennings barely misses an over hand right baut lands a heavy left hook straight hand combo.  Klitchko gets cut under the eye,  klitchko lands a havy right on Jennings, but Jennings presses forward chopping wood in the clinch.  Jennings wins the round.

Round 10
Jennings rushes at the  bell. He’s boxing but making it more of a fight.  Klitchko is still clinching Klitchko. The ref takes a point. Jennings lands another ubody uppercut in the clinch with a counter body right hook under the jab.  Klitchko throws a jab straight combo on Jennings breaking the guard with a right hand.  Jennings presses forward and lands another overhand right and body shots.  Jennings ends the final seconds with a flurry of bodyshots.  Jennings wins

Round 11
Jennings is throwing body shots and neutralizing klitchko’s jab.  Jennings isn’t initially  effective in his offense but continues pressing forward landing body shots.  Klitchko continues to clinch and lead with his jab. Klitchko wins

Round 12
Jennings comes out making it a fight but stops the momentun to look for the one shot.  Klitchko mixes him up with a four punch 1-2 combination. Jennings continues to press forward but appears more reluctnant after taking a hrvy shot.  Klitchko wobbles Jennings.  Klitchko wins