Numbers on the Boards

Yesterday was April's Fool but also the first of the month. First of the month usually signals pay day, goverment issued checks are sent out on the first of the month but yesterday the NBA had a few players put some big numbers. 

James Harden dropped his second 50-point game of the season, also set a new career high with his 51 point performance last night. This MVP race is becoming real interesting their is no clear cut favorite. Anthony Davis, who to me should still be in the convo, said that Harden is the MVP this season. The more he continue to have games like this without Dwight Howard, it makes it hard to argue with anyone who picks him. 

Russell dropped his *10th (11th) Triple-Double yesterday, with 31 points, 11 boards, and 11 dimes, but unfortunately, the Thunder loss 135-131 in a Western Shootout with the Mavericks. If the Thunder can make it to the playoffs, it will really be hard not to give the MVP to Russell, 10 triple-doubles in one season, also playing without Kevin Durant, is a remarkable feat. The question is, will the voters see it that way?

Dirk Nowitki also eclipsed the 28,000 point plateau in this game, click here to see the bucket. 

After being torched by Social Media for touching the earth on a basketball court, Chris Paul came out last night with a motive to show people that he is still one of the best guards in the NBA. 41 points, 17 dimes, 5 boards, and 4 steals was his stat line against the Blazers, also he shooting 61% from the field and 5-9 from the 3-point line. I think we should stop playing with Chris Paul. 

Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins netted his 2nd career triple-double in the Kings 115-111 loss to the Rockets, same game Harden dropped 50. Boogie scored 24 points with 21 boards and 10 dimes. The Kings have to start really building around him because he is the workhorse a team needs in the paint to be successful, hopefully they can get it right.