Cuse and Boehiem slammed by NCAA

The NCAA, aka FEDS, came down hard on Syracuse athletic program, putting them on probation through 2020 and taking away 12 scholarships for the findings in a multi-year investigation, dating back to 2001. 

The NCAA determined that Cuse football and basketball programs had ineligible players on the field and on the court from 2004-2007 and 2010-2012. Their findings included academics, extra benefits, failed drug test, and extra booster help. 

Of course the headline of this whole ordeal is the basketball being slammed. The university already put a self-imposed postseason ban on the team this year, but now it the NCAA turn. Along with the 109 wins being taking away, Coach Boeheim will also be suspended for the first 9 conference games of next season. According to the NCAA, coach Boeheim lost control of his team and program, reason for the heavy sanctions. 

The one thing I hate about this situations is the taking away wins from game 5+ years ago. The NCAA went all the way to 2003 to snatch up wins (2003 Championships not vacated) from Boehiem who was only 34 wins away from 1,000. The worst part is that Boehiem will have a bad rep, when in reality he was looking out for his players. I don't know why the NCAA want these kids to be broke and struggle, even when they work for it. Boehiem looked out for his players and the NCAA says "he did not promote an atmosphere of compliance" which sounds like bullcrap. The NCAA is needed to keep some type of structure in college sports but a reform in the system they've created is definitely needed.